cineSync 4.1 Adds Security & Playback Options for Studio Reviews

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Cospective cineSync video review software is now in version 4.1, a 64-bit release that makes a wider choice of playback options available. 4.1 also adds support for the Aspera Faspex file exchange platform, integrates directly with NIM studio management software, and updates existing integrations with ftrack project manager and Aspera's Connect plug-in for web-based transfers. Other updates are a new frame playback option and greater security protecting file transfers from Shotgun, ftrack and other tools.

cineSync 4.1 will be the first 64-bit version of cineSync, now that the 32-bit Quicktime 7 has been replaced as a playback engine. The upgrade to 64-bit allows cineSync to access more of the available system memory, which in turn means the software can optimise playback and support for 4K, higher resolutions and high frame rate media more effectively. The 64-bit RAM processing has also made other functionality possible, such as file encryption.

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cineSync Pro now includes a direct integration with studio management software NIM, developed by NIM Labs in California. NIM also handles project management, job and asset tracking, financial tracking including bidding, timecards and projections, carrying out review, approval and similar tasks within one tool. NIM’s integration with cineSync Pro means that any media in NIM can be reviewed interactively in cineSync, and that all cineSync session notes and drawings can be exported back to NIM at the end of the session.

cineSync’s integration with Aspera's Connect secure file transfers has been updated to reflect the most recent version of the Connect plug-in. Working in conjunction with a facility's own Aspera server, users can now initiate file transfers from within a cineSync Pro review session and make transfers to review guests without their having to leave cineSync to locate the files. Cospective has also added support for Aspera Faspex file exchange accounts for Faspex customers who use cineSync Pro.

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cineSync 4.1 updates its ftrack integration as well, making it more straightforward to save all cineSync notes and drawings back to the correct version of the files in ftrack. Simple frame playback is another new option, supporting most frame media  including DPX, Cineon and EXR. The transport control bar in the player is also more responsive to different screen resolutions.

cineSync 4.1 has a new option to encrypt all media downloaded from Shotgun or ftrack’s AWS storage - in other words, no downloaded media is left unencrypted on disk. Encrypted media can only be opened in a cineSync session hosted by the party that initiated the encryption. At the end of a cineSync review all downloaded and encrypted files can then be automatically deleted from the guest’s file system.

cineSync 4.1 is available now. Users with a valid subscription to an existing cineSync package are eligible to upgrade to this new version.