ftrack Acquires cineSync Developer Cospective

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The developers of ftrack production tracking and media review software has acquired Cospective, creator of the Academy Award and Emmy-winning synchronized remote review tool, cineSync.     

ftrack and Cospective have been successfully working together since 2015 and have developed a deep integration that links ftrack with cineSync. This acquisition enables Cospective and ftrack to work together more effectively on faster, simpler workflows. The companies say they plan to bring new products and functionality to market, strengthen the review capabilities of the ftrack’s services, and capitalize on the pioneering system that Cospective has built up over the past 14 years.

Fredrik Limsäter, CEO at ftrack, said, "Cospective is important to us not only as a creator of highly regarded products but also as a group of collaborators and individuals. We have worked with Cospective and the cineSync review system for many years and have come to value the team’s professionalism and creativity. We’re excited to welcome their media experts to the global ftrack organisation. Cospective shares ftrack’s aspirations to design workflows for creatives, and together we can complement one another’s work and build more efficient, useful products for the industry.”

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Rory McGregor, CEO at Cospective, commented, "Having collaborated with ftrack over many years, we know the company values our products, our customers, and the way we work. ftrack is committed to cineSync's continued growth and to offering the same service that our customers have come to expect. ftrack also presents new opportunities to add features, to grow the Adelaide team, and to develop review solutions for modern workflows. We're proud to be a part of ftrack, and we're excited to work on great things together."

Cospective will remain based in Adelaide, Australia and will continue to develop and support cineSync and Frankie, including maintenance of integrations with third-party software vendors.

In the short term, this acquisition will enable Cospective to supply 24-hour product support via the global ftrack organisation. In the longer-term, the acquisition will supply Cospective with additional resources to further develop functions and workflows with a clear focus on media review and approval. For ftrack, access to the cineSync team will drive new capabilities and innovation, strengthen the review capabilities within the ftrack product suite, and further develop the broader ftrack ecosystem.

Cospective has made a name for itself as an essential synchronised media review for film studios, TV networks and VFX houses, including Disney, Warner Bros, Paramount, 20th Century Fox, Sony, Technicolor, Deluxe, Netflix, HBO, MPC, Framestore, ILM and Double Negative. cineSync’s media review platform has proven pivotal on notable projects such as ‘Game of Thrones’, ‘Inception’, ‘Interstellar’, ‘Ready Player One’, ‘The Walking Dead’, ‘Justice League’,