Bandito Brothers studio in LA has purchased Avid’s new ISIS | 1000Avid-Bandito-brothers2
shared storage, scaled for smaller teams and supporting efficient
project sharing across diverse tools and staff.

Bandito Brothers Collaborate Across Projects on Avid ISIS | 1000

Bandito Brothersaudio-visual content studio in Los Angeles has invested in Avid’s newAvid ISIS | 1000shared storage system and incorporated it into various post workflows to support collaboration. Based on theAvid MediaCentral Platform, the system enables the company’s teams to work together efficiently, while using whichever editing application they prefer.

The Avid MediaCentral Platform is an integration of Avid and third-party software and services, which run on top of the platform. It works as anopen, extensibleandcustomizableenvironment for building workflows with the tools a customer decides to use for a given application. Users customize their own functionality on the platform by adding services and components when needed, and removing them when they are no longer required.

Bandito Brothers creates, produces, manages and distributes audiovisual content for clients, which may include film studios like Universal and Warner Bros, and brands such as Electronic Arts and BMW. Because they work primarily on feature films and commercials, the company must regularly work with disparate formats and large file sizes, including 4K and 6K raw files. Their creative teams useAvid Media ComposerandAdobe Premiere Profor editing, withPro Toolsdigital audio software.


The new Avid ISIS | 1000 shared storage system supports collaboration even when projects involve very large, difficult-to-play files, across all editing applications. The ISIS file management system allows editors to work with tools fromAdobe, Apple, Blackmagic DesignandGrass Valley. “ISIS | 1000 has the necessary options for sharing projects across different tools and staff, which helps us complete projects in less time,” saidLance Holte, senior director of post production, Bandito Brothers.

“For example, the fact that it is software agnostic means everyone can use the right tools for the job more easily without running several different servers for different projects and workflows. We use Media Composer, which clients recognize as an industry standard package, mainly for its sophisticated collaborative editing capabilities, but for smaller projects where functions like bin locking and collaboration are less essential, we like to use Premiere Pro.”


Avid created the ISIS | 1000 shared storage system to suit smaller teams, remote workgroups and corporate production teams. It has the sameperformance, scaleandusageoriginally developed for the bigger ISIS systems, built as large-capacity storage networks for post-production facilities and broadcasters, but is priced in line with smaller workgroup budgets. With support for up to 24 users, ISIS | 1000 combines real-time editorial collaboration with workflow performance.

Bandito Brothers’ ISIS | 1000 system is accessible from three separate buildings at its Los Angeles campus - for music, post production and finishing. Editors can access plates in progress at its on-sitevisual effectscompany,Cantina Creative, or copy over anAAForOMF filefor the sound team to open in Pro Tools in their shared workspace. Having these options add an extra layer of efficiency.