IBC Marquise Technologies showed updated systems to create,Marquise-mist-dvo1
transcode and control the quality of 4K masters for digital cinema,
broadcasters and OTT services efficiently.

Marquise Updates 4K Mastering & High-speed IMF & DCP Transcoding

Marquise Technologies’ ICE is available now in a new software version able to run on regular desktop systems as a reference player forIMF, DCPand other industry formats such asRAW filesfrom digital cameras and other mezzanine formats includingAS-11 UK DPP.

ICE has a number of tools tovalidate and check the compliancyof IMF and DCP packages with multiple composition playlists. It can display subtitles and captions for confidence, or analyze image and monitor audio loudness or surround. High resolution or HFR media can also be played in sync with audio for accurate quality control.

ICE integrates a large set of tools forcolour managementfor tasks from simple 1D/3D LUTs to a complete, comprehensive colour system with ACES support. Digital Cinema encrypted content can be checked directly without having to manage and decrypt distribution key delivery messages, DKDM. ICE derives the correct DKDM via the new integration withKeyMaster, the Marquise management platform for digital cinema.

KeyMasterhas other new functionality as well. The key delivery message distribution can be personalized with custom emails, and the naming convention of the KDM and the colour scheme ZIP package name can be modified, according to specific contract requirements.


KeyMaster is now fully integrated withMACCS, anEnterprise Resource Planning Systemdeveloped for film distribution as a suite of web based services that integrates the workflow between distributors and exhibitors. All the data regarding relationships, bookings, contracts and financial results are managed within MACCS. This integration allows distributors using MACCS and KeyMaster to manage the KDM distribution from a single interface. Then, KeyMaster automatically creates the needed KDMs for the bookings.

New this year, KeyMaster a la carte is available without contracting a service level agreement. KDMs can be purchased in lots from small packs of 50 units, useful for client reviews in theatres or for sending KDMs to film festivals.

TORNADOis high speed engine forIMF and DCP transcoding, designed for integration into modern pipelines. By using a comprehensive, fairly simple to use REST API, facilities working with large volumes of media can automate and customize transcoding workflows.


Through the updated TORNADO API, you can transcode to and from DCP or IMF packages, and handle supplemental packages, to split or merge them according to various needs. A web interface is now available as a front-end for TORNADO make it simpler and efficient to use by most people.

MIST for IMF and DCP mastering, available as software or built into a turn-key system, has a newtext enginesupporting the presentation models required by DCP and IMF mastering. This new engine supports rich-text editing with style management, plus text rendering capabilities.

MIST is also supportingSMPTE D-Cinema composition metadata, designed for composition ingest, scheduling and diagnostic, for export using a new, more straightforward interface for DCP and IMF mastering. DKDM management has also been improved with the integration between MIST and KeyMaster, as mentioned above. DKDMs can be fetched directly from KeyMaster without requiring complex manipulations from the operator.


MIST Master now integratesTHOR, the hardware processor designed byDigital Visionfor running demanding restoration algorithms in real-time or faster. From file-based media or straight from a live signal,THOR + MIST Masterform a robust system to repurpose legacy content for new 4K and UHD channels.

The Digital Vision’s regularDVO film restoration plug-ins, which are CPU based, are now also available for MIST Prime, the software-only version. Among them are the long-standing Mastering package, including the denoise, sharpen, frame rate conversion or de-interlacing tools.www.marquise-tech.com