IBCSpectraCal HDR-tuned CalMAN Version 5.6 software program andSpectra-cal
HDR-certified C6 Color Meter calibrate displays and certify that
equipment is HDR compliant.

SpectraCal CalMAN v5.6 Calibrates & Certifies HDR Displays

Post-production studios, artists and technicians working withHigh Dynamic Rangemedia need to calibrate their display systems and certify to vendors and clients that their equipment is HDR compliant.  SpectraCalhavenow released their HDR-tunedCalMAN Version 5.6software program and HDR-certifiedC6 Color Meter.

CalMAN v5.6 with HDR support is prepared to analyze and calibrate displays and includes direct-load 3D LUT calibration functions. CalMAN software is used to tune systems to various standards such as EBU, DCI, SMPTE C and Rec709. People who update to a program with native support for HDR can also tune their new environment.


Compatible with nearly every colorimeter and test pattern generator currently used, CalMAN  analyzes displays by rapidly measuring large numbers of data points to benchmark display samples or determine how closely a reference monitor is functioning to industry standards.
CalMAN supports many different EOTFs, orelectro-optical transfer functions, including theSMPTE 2084 Perceptual Quantization (PQ) Curvethat HDR is based on. The software displays the PQ curve's formula calculations, or the results of other gamma tests, in both linear and logarithmic charts for analysis and comparison. CalMAN 5.6 also containscolourprimary reference points for more than 20colourgamuts, including both DCI P3 and Rec BT.2020, with different white point and gamma curves to match commercial DCI, Dolby Vision or HDR 10 formats.  
The specialized capabilities of HDR displays require an appropriate calibration process involving3D LUTs. CalMAN 5.6 is able to directly communicate and load 3D LUTs to more outboard processors, software programs and built-in graphics processors in reference monitors than they previously could, without relying on intermediary software.www.spectracal.com