MPC is expanding its US remote grading service with a newMpc-detroit-colour4
partnership with The Work, a production and editorial studio
in Detroit.

MPC and The Work Launch Remote Grading in Detroit

MPCis expanding its US remote grading service with a new partnership withThe Work, a production and editorial studio in Detroit. The MPC remote grading network is far-reaching, extending to over 15 US and European cities, and opens access to MPC’s colourist talent based in Los Angeles, New York and London. This enables them to collaborate across a range of content, broadcast and longer format films.

In Detroit, The Work joined with LA-based colouristDerek Hansento complete the grade for Ford Mustang’s viral ‘Speed Dating’ campaign. Commenting on the new partnership with MPC,Jesse Ford, executive producer of The Work, said they were very pleased to now be able to give Detroit's creative teams access to some of the best colourists around the world.


Clients can collaborate with MPC’s colourists in real-time grading sessions via a dedicated connection to the global MPC network, without leaving the Detroit area. “Projects are viewed at the partner sites on a monitor calibrated to match MPC’s on-site monitors, ensuring a uniform grading environment,”Amanda Ornelas, MPC LA executive producer of colour grading. “As timelines and budgets become more challenging, our remote grading opens up to clients our global talent without adding cost or time to travel."

The US roster is led byMark Gethin, US creative director of colour grading, with colouristsAdrian SeeryandJames Tillettbased in New York, andDerek HansenandRicky Gausisbased in Los Angeles. MPC’s London team is led by global director of colour gradingJean Clement-Soret, with colouristsGeorge K, Kai Van Beers, Matthieu ToulletandRichard Fearon.

Existing remote grading sites in the US include Dallas and Austin in partnership with Charlie Uniform Tango, and in Denver with Postmodern. More partnerships are planned to launch by the end of 2015.