Nim5 financials payroll ui

Sequence shot in NIM 5.0

NIM 5.0 updates NIM Labs’ studio management platform, developed to help post production houses as they take on new business, track projects and manage remote and in-house artists.

For NIM 5.0, NIM Labs recognises the globalised nature of the content creation and production market right now, and worked with feedback from post and motion design studios including Glassworks, Logan and rohtau. The NIM Labs team has developed analytics tools that visualise specific business intelligence, and a multi-location payroll system that simplifies administration for remote workforces.

Nim sequence at workstation

“As decentralisation continues within the industry, studios need a way to control their profitability and performance in global terms if they want to stay ahead,” said Andrew Sinagra, co-founder of NIM. “NIM is a platform that generates business analytics specifically for post houses. Artists, producers and executives can gain access to insights that compare their business against the relevant standards, leaving more time to focus on creativity.”

Rule-based Payroll

As remote work continues to affect the entertainment industry, companies may face critical financial administration tasks they had never been aware of, especially related to managing the changing numbers of offsite workers in multiple locations. NIM 5.0 brings a new rule based actualisation system for timecards called Payroll that calculates user cost per pay period based on a set of defined rules.

Nim5 financials payroll ui

The new Payroll system helps manage remote workers.

Meeting compliance regulations for different regions can make managing remote staff members complex. Studios can use NIM 5.0’s new payroll system to set up guaranteed rates, minimum working hours and other mechanisms that simplify the process.

Timecard Tracking

Timecards themselves in NIM 5.0 have been completely redesigned, with a straightforward interface and different time types including paid time off, sick leave and billable vs. non-billable hours to make tracking easier for artists and administrators.

Nim5 timecard dayView

Timecard day view

After artists enter their information, managers can preview a breakdown of how everyone’s time was spent per location or user, to help determine whether artists are being overworked on specific line items. Other tools include a new rate table to track artist pay rates over time, and data charts that break down and compare profit margins across different studio locations or departments. Users can also generate a visual overview of how efficiently a facility hits job targets compared to estimated hours.

NIM 5.0 UI

NIM 5.0 also has a redesigned UI, intended to serve as a workspace for production artists, that is more aligned to how they actually think about and handle jobs. The interface now has direct dashboard access to all task information including notes, review items and renders, and consolidates assigned tasks to a single location.

Nim5 task timeline

Task timeline

Artist and shot list views have been updated with unread item indicators, and the notes interface has been expanded to a full-height view that can be filtered by unread threads and other items, which means artists keep more control and visibility over incoming information.

Founder of rohtau Jordi Bares said, "NIM’s simple and clean interface, responsiveness and integrated approach gives us the chance to bring our radical vision to life in the most effective way, helping us spend more time on the pixels and less on the logistics."