MTI Cortex 4 5

MTI Film has released an updated version of CORTEX, its software suite for managing media from the set to the screen. CORTEX v5.4 includes new and enhanced features designed to improve the handling of camera media, dailies production, post-production processing and deliverables packaging. The user experience has also been improved, making it easier to manage projects through successive stages of production and post.

“We continue to improve CORTEX in response to advances in production and post-production developments, innovations in workflows and evolving delivery requirements,” said MTI Film Director of Product Development Randy Reck. “Responding to feedback from users around the world, we have made the software more capable, more efficient and easier to use.”

CORTEX v 5.4 includes several new features for DCP packaging. It now supports decoding and rendering in both Interop (an early draft proposal for SMPTE DCP) and SMPTE DCP formats. It also supports multiple video and audio tracks for playback, assembly and rendering, encrypted or non-encrypted. It also brings expanded features for DCP subtitling that enable font selection, positioning and text editing.

CORTEX v 5.4 improves Dolby Vision mastering with new features including Level 8 metadata display. Working with Dolby Atmos has also become more straightforward with a new software development kit. Support for Dolby Digital has been added.

CORTEX v 5.4 makes visual effects production easier. The software can now facilitate the pass-through of ARRI Quicktime camera data – including focus, iris, zoom, position and attitude – when rendering ProRes files.

CORTEX v 5.4 includes expanded support for DNG files, Adobe’s raw format, used in drones, smartphones and other camera systems.

You can read a full list of updates and improvements in Cortex 4.5 here.