Sohonet Mulitport

Sohonet has launched Multiport, a reconfigurable network access service that combines the Sohonet Media Network (SMN), Internet Access, Fastlane and WAN services into one system that gives users flexibility and scalability across their networks.

“We developed Multiport because we see that productions and facilities now need flexibility,” said Sohonet CEO Chuck Parker. “Bandwidth usage planning has always been challenging, but it has become even harder to predict where people will be working from in today’s hybrid production and post environment, and the type of connectivity they will need based on their current workflow. Multiport gives technical operational departments a straightforward, cost-effective option to be nimble and reconfigure allocated bandwidth to match their existing needs.”

With rate card pricing and no contractual changes to reconfigure bandwidth, Sohonet’s Multiport provides access to four different connectivity options. The Sohonet Media Network connects users with over 500 M&E companies on a large private fibre network for film, TV & advertising. The cloud option gives secure high-speed, direct access to public cloud services, including AWS, Azure and Google with Sohonet FastLane.

Dedicated Internet Access is high-speed, uncontended internet to access off-net partners and other web-based platforms. Inter-site connectivity accesses resources between multiple locations – including those of third parties – configured to suit the user’s needs as either secure point-to-point, point-to-multipoint, MPLS or SD-WAN services.

Multiport services are delivered over the SMN and optimised for media production workflows and security needs. Sohonet’s 24x7 support service is included, with access to engineers who understand media and entertainment and the technical requirements involved.

Multiport is currently available in London, Los Angeles, and New York City with plans to expand to more locations in 2022 including Vancouver, Atlanta, Montreal, and Toronto.