Brompton assimilate LFX PR 07

Assimilate’s software for live on-set video applications now supports integration with Brompton Technology’s Tessera S8 and SX40 LED processors, enabling live colour grading and compositing in virtual production workflows.

Assimilate’s Live Looks is used for on-set video monitoring and live grading, and Live Assist helps with camera-triggered, multi-camera recording and instant playback for on-set review. Live FX, now in open beta, has tools for live compositing to support previsualisation for location scouts, bash comps during pre production, and in-camera VFX in green screen- and LED wall based workflows.

Together, these applications can now use Brompton’s wide-ranging API to simplify certain aspects of the virtual production on-set workflow, resulting in a more unified experience with more opportunities for creativity. Users working in LED volumes, for example, can use Brompton’s API to import 3D LUTs in near real-time to Brompton’s Tessera S8 and SX40 LED video processors, generating live on-set colour grading on the LED screen.

This integration is currently available in the new v9.4 releases of Live Looks and Live Assist, and in the open beta of Live FX.

“Virtual production workflows are demanding and complex, and are still a developing field with many requirements. Our collaboration with Brompton has created a straightforward workflow that supports DITs and VP operators,” said Jeff Edson, CEO, Assimilate. “As their traditional role evolves, DITs can now use Live Looks and Live Assist on-set, accessing the 3D LUT control in Brompton’s LED video processors to handle live colour correction in the LED volume. Integrating remote control for the processors into Live FX simplifies the on-set process further.”