Imagine snp multi viewer2

As broadcasters and production companies transition towards IP infrastructures, a partnership between Imagine Communications and Panasonic is making hybrid and IP systems available using open, standards-based products. Integrators are using Imagine’s Selenio Network Processor (SNP), a software-based media processing platform, as a high-density SDI on- and off-ramp for the Panasonic KAIROS IP live video production platform.

Imagine Communications is a Partner in the KAIROS Alliance, which encourages vendors to collaborate regarding SMPTE ST 2110 interoperability, device connection verification to simplify hybrid and IP systems implementation, and other areas. KAIROS utilises various IT systems based on COTS hardware, and users can expand its functionality and establish links to external devices by adding application software.

John Mailhot, CTO Networking and Infrastructure at Imagine Communications, said, “Today, live production companies are aiming to benefit as much as possible from the move towards an all-IP infrastructure without having to discard existing hardware. Implementing proven, hybrid alternatives helps to ease the transition. The direct interoperability between the SNP and KAIROS is a typical example of this type of system.” The SNP, a 1RU platform, is currently in use across the global broadcast and live production markets.

Imagine snp multi viewer

Hosting a range of processing functions, it is built to handle conversions between ST 2110 and SDI, including 12G SDI as required, and up-, down- and cross-conversion between HD/UHD and SDR/HDR formats. It can also be adapted as a HDR-capable production multiviewer, SNP-MV, that integrates content from different video formats and HDR systems into a consistent display environment. The most recent SNP release incorporates JPEG XS compression capabilities supporting production-quality, low-latency interconnection needed in remote production workflows.

SNP’s flexible design makes it possible to reconfigure the device to function in any of these workflows, as well as ensuring the SNP can be field-upgraded to support new functionality as additional software modules are developed.

Panasonic’s KAIROS platform is an open architecture system for live video switching with input and output flexibility, resolution and format independence, high CPU/GPU processor utilisation and virtually unlimited M/E scalability. As a native IP, ST 2110 system, KAIROS supports transitions to live IP workflows and helps to overcome dedicated hardware constraints.

In conjunction with the KAIROS switcher, the SNP can convert large numbers of SDI sources, multiplexing them onto a single fibre connection, avoiding the extra complication of a COTS switch. Morover, this single fibre could allow the SNP and KAIROS to be several kilometres apart -- for example, to set up large-scale outside broadcast production or campus installations.

John Mailhot said, “We see SNP as a very practical partner for KAIROS because of its PTP (Precision Time Protocol) versatility, wide range of available functionality, density of processing and cost-effectiveness. Through tight integration with KAIROS, the SNP’s functionality becomes simple to implement, and as each customer is ready to transition to IP, SNP delivers benefits associated with ST 2110 as well as its own flexibility. We anticipate continuing collaboration with Panasonic, not only on KAIROS implementations, but also on driving forward standardisation and best practices on interoperability.”