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Entertainment Technologists, working with the virtual production experts at NEP Virtual Studios, has released a new whitepaper titled ‘Demystifying Virtual Production’ aimed at producers and studio executives that examines key questions about how to budget, plan and execute Virtual Production in today’s TV and movie workflows.

The whitepaper is accompanied by other tools, tips and recommendations including a budget and scheduling calculator to assist producers deciding where and how to apply emerging virtual production procedures when planning their next production. The paper, budget/scheduling tool and other resources are available for free download from www.entertainmenttechnologists.com/vp.

Although a considerable amount information and technical papers are available regarding Virtual Production components, technologies and hardware, little of this information is producers' questions – what will this mean for me and my next show? What are the budgetary implications? How should I think differently about spending? What are the benefits and how will VP enable workflow and planning efficiencies?

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‘Demystifying Virtual Production’ aims to answer such questions without technical jargon but with clear insights, lessons and recommendations from actual production teams with experience in hundreds of hours of VP shoots. The result is an interactive white paper with easily digestible, animated workflows, infographics and insights to provide immediate benefits. In addition, the team created an Excel sample production budget calculator designed to step line producers and studio executives through the changes. Teams can use the tool to model their own productions and explore how budget line items will change if they move some or all of the shots to virtual production workflows.

President of Entertainment Technologists Mark Turner said, “’Demystifying Virtual Production’ takes a fresh and honest look at the state of Virtual Production today and focuses on the budget and schedule implications that others have not tackled. Our industry can’t embrace any change of this magnitude without an open dialogue about the costs, benefits and risks involved. We’re so happy to have worked with the experts at the NEP Virtual Studios on this paper to capture and share the insights from the decades of collective experience at Lux Machina Consulting, Halon Entertainment and Prysm Stages.”

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Barbara Ford Grant, President of Prysm Stages, said, “This new paper explains how we see Virtual Production as not a short term project to replace green screen with LED volumes, but a sea-change that will disrupt legacy production workflows and open up more creative and collaborative teams using real-time technologies to rapidly iterate. This new paper is part of NEP Virtual Studio’s commitment to supporting the creative community through these changes and give production teams the confidence as we evolve this new form of filmmaking and creating content.”

‘Demystifying Virtual Production’ in both interactive and offline PDF formats, plus associated downloads and tools, can be accessed at www.entertainmenttechnologists.com and is available as a free resource owing to the sponsorship of NEP Virtual Studios. www.entertainmenttechnologists.com