Vislink LinkMatrix

Vislink’s LinkMatrix remote control management platform is available now on Amazon Web Services (AWS). LinkMatrix supports comprehensive management of its live broadcast devices. The integration with AWS improves the platform’s level of control, flexibility and speed for users, serving production workflows and encouraging innovation in live broadcasts and performance in the field.

By integrating with AWS, LinkMatrix gains various advantages. Becoming cloud-based means LinkMatrix can make sure of optimal performance and scalability, and since it can be deployed across various cloud environments, users have the flexibility to choose a preferred cloud provider. Autoscaling capabilities dynamically allocate resources as needed, so that performance remains efficient even as workloads change. Also, integration with AWS's Relational Database Service (RDS) results in a scalable database for storing and retrieving video-related data.

LinkMatrix users can access security and policing applications through the secure AWS GovCloud platform. Moreover, this integration also supports real-time collaboration, editing and broadcasting directly from the cloud, making extra hardware or complex setups unnecessary.

Along with the AWS integration, all Vislink server products are available as virtual services. A virtualised infrastructure enables reliable and secure video streaming and synchronization with other cloud production platforms. Notably, LinkSwitch, Vislink’s powerful debonding server, in combination with AWS, allows the customer to stream high-quality video closer to the event. This capability is particularly beneficial for users who need to access secure AWS GovCloud regions for video streaming.

“LinkMatrix has taken significant steps forward to become fully compatible with Amazon Web Services,” said Mickey Miller, CEO of Vislink. “With the power and scale of AWS, LinkMatrix empowers live production teams and public safety agencies, allowing them to gain valuable insights and optimize their workflows.” These developments not only add to the overall performance of Vislink's platform but also open the way for direct integration of new features and functionalities in the future.