Production group WORKPRODUCT has launched to bring multidisciplinary artists together from the VFX, Animation, Live Action and Design industries to create global brand campaigns.

Founded by Yates Holley and John Kim and located in Los Angeles, WORKPRODUCT represents ten diverse boutique VFX studios, animation teams and individual directors throughout the US, Europe, and Australia. These creators work individually and collectively to perform a scalable list of services, from brand strategy to end-to-end content production, visual effects, and immersive experience development.

WORKPRODUCT’s roster includes VFX and animation studios Rocketlab and Proper, animation studios Yatta Studio and Papaton, automotive visualisation studio Rideview, audio collective Dynamite Laser Beam, and Directors Matt Boman, Tommy Wooh, Blackmilk, Maciek Sokalski and Warcat.

Managing Executive Producer and founding Partner Yates Holley comes from a career in visual effects, with nearly two decades of award-winning CG and interactive advertising experience. His work with global brands such as Disney, Nike, Coca-Cola, Google, Apple and Samsung has earned him multiple Cannes Lions and AICP trophies.

WORKPRODUCT Yates Holley John Kim

Co-founders Yates Holley (left) and John Kim

Founding Partner John Kim is an accomplished artist and Creative Director with a prominent career in the agency domain, catering to automotive brands such as Toyota, Mazda, Kia and Lexus. Further to his role as a founding partner of WORKPRODUCT, John is the founder of Rideview, a specialised collective developing photo-real CGI and real-time content for the automotive industry.

Yates said, “Our goal in developing WORKPRODUCT was to create a varied roster of creative talent and a flexible business model that allows us to morph our services and build bespoke creative teams for a huge range of brand client challenges. From the ideation stage to the final post, we can draw on this rich group of individuals and creative studios to offer creative support at any scale.

“We wanted to expand on the traditional production company model and represent a team that spans various disciplines – from VFX and animation to live-action and immersive entertainment. We are here to break the rules and take risks along the way.” To view the company’s complete roster and latest work, visit