BRIDGE LIVE, AJA’s multi-channel UHD and HD live video processing system, is now updated with greater NDI capabilities and performance for contribution, streaming and delivery.

AJA bridge live 3a

BRIDGE LIVE, AJA’s multi-channel UHD and HD live video processing system, is now updated to v1.13.2, extending its NDI functionality and enhancing performance. With real-time bidirectional encoding, decoding and transcoding, BRIDGE LIVE serves remote production, contribution, collaboration, streaming and delivery workflows.

More specifically, it handles synchronous multi-channel video contribution, remote collaborative production, direct-to-audience streaming, and multi bit rate/format delivery. Typical applications include two-way interviews, live event streaming, synchronous multi-cam backhaul with HDR, cloud contribution, program return, confidence monitoring and ABR ladder profiles for OTT packaging.

This new update v1.13.2 brings support for NDI discovery servers and NDI groups, 4K NDI output at 60fps and NDI input support expanded to more than 100 sources. It can also detect H.264 video encoded to an interlaced file using MBAFF (Macroblock-Adaptive Frame/Field) coding.

BRIDGE LIVE simplifies the transport of multi-channel UHD and HD video between uncompressed 12G-SDI and many different streaming and contribution codecs – both to and from – including NDI, H.265, H.264, MPEG-2 and JPEG 2000. BRIDGE LIVE v1.13.2 introduces new support for NDI discovery servers, which detect NDI sources within a network and operate as a centralised registry of all NDI streams.


Input stream configuration for SDI.

As an alternative to automatic NDI discovery functions, discovery servers especially suit production environments where significant multicast DNS (mDNS) traffic is restricted or prohibited, which is common for many cloud computing services. Used to locate a device or service by name on a small local network without using a preconfigured DNS name server, mDNS may generate considerable traffic. Discovery servers support all NDI functionality and when in use, NDI can operate entirely in unicast mode in nearly any installation.
BRIDGE LIVE v1.13.2 adds support for NDI groups, where sources can be organised and categorised to make managing NDI streams simpler. Using send and receive groups, users can control which devices see specific NDI sources, and determine which devices can send or receive specific NDI signals.

For high resolution workflows, BRIDGE LIVE v1.13.2 can output NDI streams at 4K 60fps, and for complex productions, its input support for productions with more than 100 NDI sources is expanded.

BRIDGE LIVE v.13.2 can now detect if H.264 video has been encoded to an interlaced file using MBAFF (Macroblock-Adaptive Frame/Field) coding, and is able to determine the correct field order. This is important for playback, because MBAFF coding is concerned with internal handling and not field order.