Nevion VideoIPath media orchestration platform now federates resources in remote and distributed production without compromising performance, reliability and security.

Nevion remote production

Nevion’s primary media orchestration platform VideoIPath now supports federation, which gives users the ability to run multiple autonomous instances of VideoIPath that collaborate within and across locations. This support represents a major development in distributed multi-site media production, as it means production resources can be shared and used directly, regardless of where they are located, and without compromising on orchestration performance, reliability and security.

Broadcasters, media and production companies can increase the flexibility and cost-effectiveness of their live productions by moving to remote and distributed production. By definition, such productions involve taking advantage of studios, control rooms, people and on-premise and Cloud processing located at multiple sites. Sharing, controlling and connecting these resources when and as required across LANs, WANs, 5G and GCCG (Ground-to-Cloud-Cloud-to-Ground) are some of the biggest challenges in enabling this type of production.

Early on, Nevion VideoIPath established itself as an effective, scalable, secure orchestration system that is straightforward to use. By adding federation to its capabilities, individual VideoIPath systems, for example, at each site, can now collaborate with other VideoIPath systems to share, control and connect resources across locations securely.

Nevion federation

As each system is autonomous and in charge of its own resources, it continues to function and collaborate, even if problems occur in other parts of the federation. The federation capability also enables VideoIPath to expand in terms of scalability, to handle all of the production resources and the media streams involved.

While remote and distributed production are obvious applications for VideoIPath’s federation functionality, the capability can also be used to compartmentalise specialised networks within facilities, for example between ingest, production and playout resources.

VideoIPath’s federation capabilities create opportunities for telecom service providers as well. Federation allows them to set up a WAN orchestration that can operate directly with broadcasters’ orchestration, to bring together the customers’ facilities.

Arne-Johan Martinsen, VideoIPath Product Manager at Nevion said, “Nevion and parent company Sony are committed to enabling content producers to share production resources wherever they are located. This new VideoIPath federation functionality is a key part of achieving this. By hiding the complexity of the underlying infrastructure from users, and providing scalability, reliability and security, VideoIPath allows content producers to focus on creativity, while increasing efficiency and effectiveness.”