Vicon’s new Valkyrie camera range captures motion data with extreme speed and accuracy with four models designed to support projects across all motion capture markets.

Vicon Valkyrie sound2

Vicon has developed a new camera range named Valkyrie, aiming to capture motion data that represents reality more faithfully and accurately than the company has achieved before. The line-up contains four models designed to support projects across motion capture markets including life sciences, visual effects, location-based virtual reality and engineering, and to work with Vicon’s existing software applications.

The main characteristics of Valkyrie are resolution, speed and accuracy. Those factors help scientists and researchers to accurately track very fast moving subjects and objects, and filmmakers and game designers to create realistic, immersive experiences.

The range includes a 26-megapixel (MP) camera, a 30 fps video preview mode and a high-speed capture mode at up to 2,000 fps. When combined with the custom varifocal lens Vicon built for Valkyrie, the cameras are capable of delivering high fidelity human motion capture data, robust enough for use in projects without needing further processing or clean up. The lens, as well as focussing at different ranges, means Valkyrie can capture with wide, centre and narrow fields of view.

Vicon Valkyrie Flat Right

Valkyrie is a strobeless motion capture system, which gives it a long range. This range increases freedom of movement for users in VR applications for gaming, engineering and training, and opens options for new applications such as in-camera VFX and virtual scouting. Combined with the progress Vicon has made in finger tracking, Valkyrie’s longer range also allows users to cover large volumes while still capturing fine, detailed movements.

Self-healing and calibration features have been enhanced to help users avoid having to stop and correct the system. Valkyrie monitors its own temperature and position, and includes Vicon’s onboard grayscale and centroid processing, which start working as capture sessions begin. If Valkyrie is likley to be knocked during a asession, using Vicon’s Evoke software with the cameras will automatically recalibrate the sstem.

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Valkyrie Models

Capturing at 26.2MP and running at 150FPS, the Valkyrie VK26’s resolution means it can be used as a source of ground truth for life science applications, to support hyperrealistic assets for VFX artists, and to supply data for Virtual Production and in-camera VFX.

The Valkyrie VK16 maintains an optimal speed/resolution ratio, which helps users who need to capture fast-moving subjects such as athletes or drones while maintaining resolution. Its high frame rate per megapixel, at 16MP, with a native 300 fps, supports biomechanical modelling and engineering use cases

The Valkyrie VK8 is a cost effective entry point to motion capture and movement analysis with a frame rate of 500 fps and 8MP resolution.

Valkyrie VKX is built for use in virtual reality, virtual production and virtual scouting. It captures users in immersive digital environments using strobeless tracking of active LED markers.