Archion’s Omni Workflow NAS Certified for DaVinci Resolve

Archion editstor velo ndi

Two of the high performance NAS workflow storage systems from Archion Technologies, Omni and Omni Hybrid have been certified for use with Blackmagic Design’s DaVinci Resolve and DaVinci Resolve Studio finishing systems. Made to work with high resolution video in post-production, finishing, graphics and visual effects workflows, the systems can handle sequential files at high speed.

Archion Omni Hybrid

Certification means that installing DaVinci Resolve with the Omni system is able to deliver complete post production processing at up to 4K resolution.

DaVinci Resolve combines non-linear video editing with colour correction, and is scalable and resolution independent to support use on set, in a studio or integrated into a large-scale production pipeline. Because the DPX and EXR files for finishing are played back in sequence with uncompressed frames, Resolve’s workflow requires extremely fast storage.

Furthermore, as intelligent storage systems, the Omni NAS are built for optimized I/O processing to handle management, allocation and utilization of storage resources, with internal computers that gather and analyze data and communicate with other systems. They also support almost any video format for playback, transcode and colour correction, handling DPX and EXR files from ingest to play out, and support DaVinci Resolve’s three operating systems – Windows, Mac and Linux - and associated protocols. The Omni is able to extend volumes on the fly, and takes connections from 1GigE to 40GigE.

DaVinci Resolve 12

In a 4K DPX file, for example, each frame is a 48MB file and real time playback may run at speeds from 24 fps to 120 fps or greater, which requires a great deal of bandwidth. Archion says their DaVinci Resolve tests, carried out on a standard, Linux-based DaVinci Resolve client system connected to Omni over 40gigE, confirm that Omni supports DaVinci Resolve DPX and EXR playback, with high bandwidth and IOPS performance tuned for sequential files. During a prolonged series of Archion’s benchmarks tests, as well as with Blackmagic Design’s own tests, the Omni performed at over 8000 MB/sec.

Archion also claims the DPX throughput test they conducted showed that when sequentially reading DPX files, Archion achieved 6,100 MB/sec with 4K DPX Files, enough to support 120 fps.  Reverse read was somewhat faster, with 9,000 MB/sec supporting 200 fps – and the same results were achieved with random read 9000 MB/sec super performance.