QLS Plug-In Updates CatDV/Quantum Integration for Archive-and-Restore

Square box quantum

Quad Logic Systems has released a major update to its QLS Archive plug-in for the Square Box CatDV media asset management system. QLS Archive is a middleware tool that links CatDV with commonly-used storage and archiving hardware and software – in particular, the StorNext workflow storage platform from Quantum. It communicates with both the MAM and the archive handler to establish a straightforward archive-and-restore process, and gives users visibility into media assets throughout their entire operation, whether content is on disk for immediate use, or archived for long-term preservation on tape.

The new version of QLS Archive makes archiving media assets from CatDV into StorNext faster and more direct. It uses CatDV's web-based REST API to access data stored within the CatDV Server, as well as the most recent Quantum APIs. Also, the plug-in's queuing system now uses CatDV metadata rather than a file queue, also resulting in faster, more robust archive performance with greater throughput.

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CatDV's Worker automation engine now includes new options to automate archive workflows based on CatDV metadata and policies. Users can opt either to archive all files that are older than one month, for instance, or to archive files for a particular project when it is completed. In this way, they can take further advantage of functionality for archive applications in the StorNext platform and Lattus object storage through automation, without manual intervention. Also, by allowing greater flexibility in working between storage destinations, the plug-in helps to make content available when and where required.

The QLS Archive plug-in supports Quantum's Lattus as well by giving CatDV users access to Lattus' object storage capabilities, including analytics and space efficiency, in a policy-driven, tiered environment. The resulting disaster recovery system is robust enough to support high-resolution media workflows and remote collaboration during normal operation, as well as production continuity during actual disaster situations.

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The QLS Archive plug-in update strengthens the Lattus integration through use of Quantum's Web Services (V2) API to allow users to commit content from CatDV to multiple archive destinations - for instance, to move content both to Lattus object storage and to LTO tape. Also, operators can now restore content to a different SAN location if the SAN changes. The plug-in performs a permanent redirected restore so that the operator can configure storage for the new SAN without having to rearchive assets.

Also note that CatDV Server, a network-based collaboration and workflow application that is CatDV’s central repository for shared catalogues, has been certified to operate on Quantum's Xcellis high-performance shared storage system and use its compute capabilities. The CatDV MAM system now also operates directly with Quantum's Artico intelligent NAS archive appliance. Both Xcellis and Artico are powered by StorNext.  www.squarebox.com