LaCie DJI Copilot Backs Up Video on Set via Phone or Tablet

Lacie dji copilot pdp desktop

LaCie DJI Copilot is a portable hard drive built for backing up video files on set or location, fitted with an SD card slot and USB port in order to copy files directly from devices without a laptop or desktop computer. Accessing power through a phone or tablet, users can also sort and manage files on the device while working in the field using LaCie's Copilot BOSS app, thereby cutting down on the work required when back at a desk in an office.

Compatibility is wide, covering iOS and Android phones and tablets, Mac and Windows computers, and most drones, DSLR cameras, action cams and card readers. You can copy files from a card via the SD card slot, plug the Copilot directly into USB devices like cameras or recorders. The status screen alerts you once file transfer is complete. Phones can also be charged through the device.

Lacie dji copilot pdp

A user can also get a head start on post production by connecting DJI Copilot to a charged phone or tablet via USB and launching the BOSS app. The internet is not required in this case. You can play back video and rename, view, organise, manage or delete files.

DJI Copilot includes data rescue, similar to most LaCie portable drives, and is built for durability - splash, dust and drop resistant.