A new production facility has been built in Dublin to shoot and postFacilis-Red-Rock-2a
produce the new series ‘Red Rock’ on very fast turnaround, based
on a Facilis TerraBlock 24D 48TB shared storage system.

Facilis TerraBlock Keeps Ireland’s ‘Red Rock’ on Schedule

A new production facility in Dublin, Ireland, has been designed and built to produce‘Red Rock’, Ireland’s first new soap series in more than 20 years, broadcast across Ireland by TV3. The production and post team invested in the new studio, contractingTyrell CCTto assist in the design, integration and commissioning of their workflow. After working with Tyrell,Facilisstorage company has also developed collaborative functionality based on aTerraBlock 24Dshared storage system, which is now integrated into the studio.

Paula Heffernan, Series Producer on Red Rock said that the show’s production schedule made shared storage critical. The turnaround time is extremely fast - 22 days for four 22-minute episodes to be shot, edited, graded, and delivered to the broadcaster, including sound mixing. The complete process requires four different cycles of four episodes each, to be worked on simultaneously at various stages of post production.

The show’s online editor and post production head,John Philipson, said, “The ability to create a separate volume within TerraBlock for each director’s cycle keeps everything neat and tidy during the edit and at the archiving stage. Also, having no per-seat licensing fees gives the production team access to 100 clients if necessary, leaving plenty of room for the post production department to ramp up.

“With only two offline editors, an assistant editor, a sound mixer and one colourist-online editor, TerraBlock has to look after all the raw rushes as well asAvid, ProToolsandDaVinciprojects. The ease of use between all these projects is great and, again, because everyone accesses a single set of rushes, everything stays organised. Further to this, our server needs to be efficient and reliable so we can concentrate on hitting deadlines. This is what TerraBlock does.”


Currently, the facility’s Facilis TerraBlock 24D is configured with 48TB of storage capacity, connected via 10GbE to an automatedStorage DNA LTOarchiving system. The TerraBlock, mounted on Mac, serves an iMac assist/data wrangler system, two HP Z820 offline edit suites with Media Composer and an online edit and grading suite with Media Composer and DaVinci Resolve. ProTools is also running on a Z820 workstation.

Typically, five clients run simultaneously on the system, with all Media Composer systems sharing projects. Media ingested fromSony F5cameras is transcoded toDNxHD120 @ 1080p. Archiving is controlled using the StorageDNA watch folders.

Red Rock went to air in January 2015. Initially TV3 commissioned two 80-episode series that broadcast twice a week over a 40-week period. After positive viewer reaction and recent IFTA award wins, the series may broadcast year round in the near future. facilis.com/