JMR’s BlueStor DataMover hybrid transfer system runs at near lineJMR BlueStor DataMover1
speed, independent of file size, directory nesting or latency caused
by distance, over local, wide and global area networks.

JMR DataMover Speeds File Transfer across Networks or Around the World

JMR Electronics’ BlueStor DataMoverappliance is a high speed data mover that operates at near line speed and works independently of file size or depth of directory nesting. The hybrid software/hardware system transfers files across networkslocally, across a country or globally, and includes the capability tocompress, de-duplicate, encryptanddescribe differencesbetween two data sets, in various combinations during data movement.
JMR BlueStor DataMover

This functionality, built for enterprise-level applications, operates at full bandwidth, independent of latency introduced by the distance between the source and destination. Typical transfers using the DataMover across a 10GbE fibre optic link can run at over925MB/swith a 300ms latency, and approximately1.1 GB/swith lower latencies. JMR has tested file transfers that include media files such asDPX,largecontiguous mezzaninefiles andmetadatafiles, which can choke even very high bandwidth connections.

Networked Deployment

The system includes a 2U appliance runningCentOS Linuxand the DataMover application, which usesTCP/IPas internal communications protocol for orderly accelerated transactions and drop-in style integration into existing infrastructure. The appliance has dual GbE and dual 10GbE networking ports and includes a custom GUI that is compatible withWindows, MacandLinuxOS. It also incorporates aweb-based directory/folder directoryallowing authorized users to upload and download files using a browser plug-in.


A typical deployment would consist of two DataMover units. A user would access the user interface on one of the units to select the file or folder to transfer, and enter the IP address or name of the other JMR unit. The system’s combined hardware and software will analyze and configure the transfer to account for latencies and different file types, sizes and quantity. A dedicated transfer button starts the transfer, and meanwhile a real-time transfer status and progress bar are displayed to the user.

Digital FIlm & Video

JMR Electronics anticipates applications for the DataMover to includedigital cinema, broadcast, media streamingand other high performance computing environments, due to its potential to lower transfer time per file for a given bandwidth, and send more files within in the same timeframe.


BlueStor server and storage systems are optimized fordigital A/V workflows, supporting digital filmmaking, dailies transfer and video editing software such asAvid Media Composer, Adobe Premiere, Final Cut X, Adobe Creative Suite, Joust, DaVinci ResolveandColorfront. The products includecolour monitoringandDIcapabilities, direct-attached RAID storage with high-performancePCIeconnectivity for NLE workstations, centralized storage for collaborative A/V SAN and off-line storage for archival and disaster recovery protection.