NABAvere has formed a strategic collaboration with Google, assistingAvere-google2
customers to move compute intensive workloads and large data sets
to the  scalable infrastructure of Google Cloud Platform.

Avere & Google to Deliver Data Processing and Storage in the Cloud

Avere Systems, enterprise storage specialist for hybrid cloud systems, has formed a strategic collaboration with Google that assists customers to move compute intensive workloads and large data sets toGoogle Cloud Platformin order to access its scalable, reliable infrastructure. Avere facilitates movement of data between NAS storage systems and Google Cloud Platform, achieving and maintaining low latency and high performance for big data processing and storage in the cloud.

Google Cloud Platform gives customers access to the same infrastructure that Google has developed to return super fast search results, serve YouTube video and store data for Gmail users. Avere FXT Edge filers give the flexibility to deploy and scale compute activity as required in Google Compute Engine using on-premises or Google Cloud Storage resources, or both – connecting cloud computing and on-premises storage.

While Google is entering the enterprise market with Google Cloud, the company is focussing on media and entertainment, which is compute-intensive and requires flexibility to compute on-demand for burst use cases and sustained use.

Avere-fxt edgefiler2

To address this demand, Google and Avere are joining forces to use Avere’s FXT Edge Filer system which is regularly used in film, animation and game production to handle the rendering demands of 3D and high resolution media. To scale performance, Avere FXT Edge filers use edge-core architecture. When you add an Edge filer as a virtual or physical cluster, you separate performance from capacity. The Edge filer sits in front of the core NAS or cloud storage, closest to the users of the data.

This edge approach optimizes response time to users and allows storage to be centralised to lower costs and simplify management. Consequently, Google Cloud customers will be able to deploy and scale compute in Google Compute Engine using both on-premises and/or Google Cloud Storage resources, without further infrastructure and close to on-premises speeds.


AtNAB 2015, Avere has demonstrated how its FXT Edge filer system works in conjunction with Google Cloud Platform for media and entertainment application workflows such as rendering, transcoding and storing large media archives. Google Cloud Platform engineers are joining the demonstrations.