StorageDNA DNA Evolution now supports Sony's Optical Disc ArchiveStorageDNA Evolution Builtin Viewer
products in a turnkey nearline and archive storage system of long-term
archives for digital camera master content.

Sony Optical Disc Archive Speeds Nearline Access with StorageDNA

StorageDNA has developedDNA Evolutionsoftware supportingSony's Optical Disc Archiveproducts. This software/hardware combination results in a turnkey nearline and archive storage system of long-term, reliable, cost-effective archives for digital camera master content.
StorageDNA Evolution Builtin Viewer

The combined system is different from traditional LTO-based solutions because it opens access to file-based content without restores. This extends the Optical Disc Archive system's core functionality by enabling it to also serve as a nearline platform. The ability to directly access digital camera master archives on the Optical Disc Archive system with DNA Evolution can help make storage infrastructure simpler and avoid spending on online disk-based systems, which are generally more expensive.  

According to StorageDNA, eliminating the need for restores can speed up file-based media workflows for faster repurposing, quality checking, analytics and monetizing of content. Sony's Optical Disc Archive with DNA Evolution uses media applications to re-create tape deck style workflows in which users can browse, conform, batch import and repurpose file-based content.

The Sony Optical Disc Archive platform is supported by several associated accessories and applications. The Optical Disc Archive with DNA Evolution solution will also fit into field-to-post workflows withSony's Catalyst Prepare, Catalyst BrowseandCloud Ci.

StorageDNA-Extracted Metadata

Catalyst Browseis a cross-platform viewing and logging tool for Sony Pro formats used to browse files from a Sony camera, deck or card reader with detailed views of individual clips. From there, you can create, ingest and export Sony Professional Disc clip lists.You can see and edit media metadata, view video using the source colour space and apply colour correction and colour looks. Selected clips may be copied to local storage, uploaded to Sony Media Cloud Services Ci or transcoded.

Catalyst Prepareverifies shots on set, including Sony RAW and S-Log clips and backs up camera media from integrated checksum verification. Media libraries are saved automatically and continuously. It also follows a precise managed colour workflow to produce consistent results for Sony RAW and S-Log sources.

Ciis a cloud-based video production and library platform. Over time, new browser-based application and updates are released. It now includesCi RoughCutwhich sources and stitches multiple clips, and collaboration toolsCi AudioReviewandCi VideoReviewsupporting annotation and collaboration on media files from any location in real-time.

StorageDNA feels that Sony Optical Disc Archive's scalable, robotic library is unusual among media archive systems as a tapeless, high capacity digital archive system suited to both nearline and deep archive applications - and is also a good match for storage applications such as sports production, editorial, mezzanine level video and digital media preservation. It will be exhibited atNAB 2015in demonstrations alongside Sony's other media storage platforms.