Telestream has become the first software company to deliver direct integrationTelstream Aspera Integration2a
with Aspera Enterprise Servers using Aspera FASP high-speed transport, through
the new FASPStream API.

Telestream - Aspera FASP Integration Adds Speed & Security to Media Transfers

Telestream has become the first software company to deliver direct integration withAspera Enterprise ServersusingAspera FASPhigh-speed transport, through the new FASPStream API. The intention of the integration is secure, reliable, bi-directional high-speed transfer of media and metadata files ingested, processed and delivered through workflows built on the Vantage media processing platform, regardless of size, distance or network conditions. Vantage can interactively browse, upload and download media files with all types of Aspera Server end points including a Enterprise Server system or a point-to-point node.
Telstream Aspera Integration2

Operators can, for example, incorporate FASP high-speed file transfer as part of completely automated Vantage processing. Native Aspera support ensures compatibility with all of Aspera’s functions, including adaptive bandwidth control, management and notification, encryption over the wire and at rest, and support for its clients, servers and applications. The joint system can potentially shorten end-to-end workflows with high-speed ingest and distribution, and supports various storage options, including on premise or in the cloud.

Telstream Aspera Integration

TheAspera Enterprise Servertransfers files, directories and large data sets at very high speeds over the WAN with user management and security functionality for enterprise applications. Built on the company’s FASP system, the Server include varied options with access to scalable, on-demand storage and computing capacity.

Telestream Vantageis a scalable, media processing software platform that manages media services from the camera to the point of distribution. Content owners, producers and distributors can use it to quickly and cost-effectively ingest, transform, package, monetize and distribute their media.
The integrated system is available from both Aspera and Telestream and will be displayed at