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Grass Valley’s GV STRATUS video production and content management application has integrated with Spectra Logic’s BlackPearl Object Storage platform. BlackPearl is capable of supporting numerous concurrent media workflows, without depending on third-party middleware, by directly integrating with a wide range of production, automation and asset management applications like GV STRATUS.

BlackPearl combines NAS and S3-based interfaces with a series of storage targets into one system and has a data mover that speeds up file transfers and scales out BlackPearl’s performance and capacity to accommodate growing amounts of digital assets.

In this case, the joint production system between Spectra Logic and Grass Valley includes modern, open standard content storage and management of large repositories of assets. The combination gives fast and concurrent access to full or partial assets, irrespective of where the assets reside, whether on local or remote storage such as disk and tape, or in the cloud.

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With direct support for many storage mediums, Spectra BlackPearl combined with GV STRATUS makes workflows simpler and has search and retrieval methods for all content to support editing, sharing, collaborating and preserving of digital assets across the media infrastructure.

GV STRATUS manages and protects content with permissions tailored to users or groups. Bins and folders can be configured to suit particular workflows and, using a rules engine, users can also automate workflows to transfer, export, import, transcode and delete assets according to specific criteria. GV STRATUS works with major craft editors including Grass Valley EDIUS, Adobe Premiere Pro CC, Avid Media Composer and Apple Final Cut Pro.

“Now that GV STRATUS is certified to work directly with Spectra’s BlackPearl platform, users have an effective combination of asset management capabilities with content retrieval and long-term digital protection,” said Hossein ZiaShakeri, Spectra Logic Senior Vice President of Business Development and Strategic Alliances.

Grass Valley Technology Alliance

Spectra black pearl gv stratus

This integration comes as Spectra Logic joins the Grass Valley Technology Alliance (GVTA). The GVTA certification program assists customers through improved purchasing confidence and access to a many different systems that are interoperable with Grass Valley platforms and workflow components, which ultimately reduces integration issues and eases deployment.

“The Grass Valley Technology Alliance gives customers access to recognised products such as Spectra’s BlackPearl, which are tested and configured to ensure interoperability with Grass Valley’s equipment – one of the major hurdles our customers face when deploying multi-vendor systems,” said Tim Shoulders, Grass Valley CEO and president. “By joining the GVTA, Spectra brings our Alliance partners to a total of 22 diverse companies that support collaboration across the media production chain.”  spectralogic.com