Quantum dna storage

Quantum has joined the DNA Data Storage Alliance to support the ongoing growth and development of the future DNA data storage market. In late 2020, Twist Bioscience Corporation, Illumina and Western Digital formed the alliance with Microsoft to advance the field of DNA data storage. These founding companies and member organisations are working together to help the industry achieve interoperability and establish the foundations for a cost-effective commercial archival storage system for the massive growth of digital data. 

DNA digital data storage is the process of encoding and decoding binary data to and from synthesized strands of DNA. It has the potential to deliver a low-cost archival data storage system. While current storage methods have limited longevity and require data migration for long-term data storage, the Alliance states that DNA is a stable format storage medium that is durable for thousands of years when properly stored. In addition, DNA enables cost effective and rapid duplication.

It is also incredibly dense, fitting 10 full length digital movies into a volume the size of a grain of salt. Digital data stored in DNA can be stored in a variety of containers including capsules, pellets or encased in glass beads. DNA data storage could also enable a format that will never become obsolete, no longer requiring customers to migrate to next generations of a system.

Quantum has built some of the world’s largest digital archives, including those for the biggest hyperscale cloud providers and organisations that need to securely retain data indefinitely. This move signals Quantum’s commitment to establish the foundations for a cost-effective commercial archival storage ecosystem for the extreme growth of valuable digital data. Quantum’s digital archive experience and expertise will help the Alliance advance the use of DNA data storage to solve the challenges of preserving valuable digital data for centuries. 

The DNA Data Storage Alliance aims to drive awareness and adoption of DNA data storage through use cases and the development of an industrial roadmap. As a member, Quantum joins a diverse group of industry leaders that each contribute expertise on a different aspect of synthetic biology and data storage and support the organisation’s mission by contributing to white papers, events and technical discussions.

Don Doerner, Technical Director, Office of the CTO at Quantum said, “DNA storage holds great promise in addressing the need to keep a massive amount of data indefinitely in the coming decades and we believe we can add a valuable perspective to help the DNA Data Storage Alliance achieve its goals.” www.quantum.com/