Editshare FLOW Control webUI

FLOW Control web user interface.

EditShare has upgraded its EFS storage and FLOW media management software. Working as an intelligent media control and management layer for on-premises and cloud storage, EditShare supports collaborative media production workflows including storyboarding, review and approval, storage management, archiving and distribution.

Support for NDI workflows within FLOW, which is currently in public beta, gives users a built in architecture for distributing video over IP. H.265 HEVC compression is also supported to preserve image quality with low file sizes.

Users can set up group permissions with support for projects, metadata and channels. These permissions can be quickly deleted and edited, and entire groups disabled and re-enabled. Administrators may promote and track users' permissions, or extend them on a group basis to projects, metadata templates and ingest channels. Users can also be disconnected from FLOW applications to re-use licenses, optimising use for production resources.

Support for import of .mxf/.r3d file samples for mapping configuration has been added for customers using Avid workflows. This update reveals internal metadata contained within supported media files for fast configuration of metadata-mapping into FLOW custom fields. Also, new support for import and mapping of sidecar XML to non-video files, such as still images, means that facilities with large still libraries and other non-video collections can migrate directly to FLOW.

Video previews are available for live monitoring, configuration and workflow management of SDI/NDI streams, with support for previewing live ingest sources in web applications.

To save users time reviewing and tagging content, FLOW now integrates with Mobius Vision AI facial recognition. Its database includes thousands of celebrities and public figures and can be augmented with a custom collection of faces for detection.

EFS Storage Management

Editshare EFSGroupMembers

Managing EF group members

EFS upgrades controls in the new web-based UI with user groups support. User group membership can be viewed in the sidebar. Administrators can view and search media spaces to which each group has been assigned and add and remove groups to and from media spaces. Any table view, such as the list of spaces and users, can be exported as a CSV file. Support is also added for legacy operation of a single group for all active directory accounts.

To manage user traffic and prioritize bandwidth for high priority tasks, you can now view a summary of real-time read and write bandwidth data. The default speed for EFS background operations is now markedly faster, making the system more efficient when adding a new storage node. You can also use replication goals, copying data from one location to another, for new media spaces immediately without rebooting. editshare.com