Quantum remote edit catdv

Adobe Premiere Pro users working in large creative teams can now use the Quantum Collaborative Workflow, designed specifically to set up and manage remote editing and collaboration workflows. A turnkey system, the workflow integrates the resources needed for a collaborative and remote workflow based on Adobe Creative Cloud software, including Premiere Pro.

For teams that are now more dispersed, with some members working onsite in an office or studio and some working from a remote location, the reliability and scalability of the infrastructure and tools becomes more important. This new system has been fully integrated, and is tested and supported by Quantum.

The Quantum StorNext shared storage file system and software serves as the workflow storage management. Within that, Quantum CatDV Asset Management, including the CatDV Cloud Panel for Adobe Creative Cloud, handles asset and project management and orchestration. This panel is a content discovery and tagging interface that makes it possible to log in and search the CatDV database, and browse production groups and catalogues, from inside Adobe Premiere. It includes quick previews, a player and the ability to update metadata.

Quantum remote edit premiere pro

For project archive and asset protection, users can choose the asset archiving system they prefer, for example, Quantum Scalar tape or Quantum ActiveScale high-performance object storage, or any S3-compatible cloud storage. The complete, integrated system is installed and supported by Quantum Professional Services and reseller partners certified to install StorNext and CatDV, and is customised to the customer's environment and requirements.

Inside the Package

Based on a high-performance StorNext 7 shared environment tuned for both on-site and remote team members to use, the CatDV Panel for Adobe Creative Cloud is installed and integrated so that users can access their entire content and project asset library from directly within Premiere Pro, Illustrator, After Effects or Photoshop. NVIDIA-powered transcoding servers can be integrated into the ingest, transcode and proxy creation workflow.

CatDV server and Worker nodes are also installed and tuned for setting up automated workflows for file ingest, proxy creation and content push-pull from shared storage to archive. The CatDV archive plugin is installed and configured with the user’s option of library archive storage of up to 240 TB of Quantum Scalar Tape, ActiveScale, or Cloud.

Support and training are included to get the workflow functioning straightaway, with remote workstation integration for Teradici or similar services available as an option. www.quantum.com