EditShare Flow 3.3 MAM Automates Content Delivery to Amazon S3

Editshare flow automation S3

EditShare has updated Flow 3.3 MAM software with content delivery to Amazon S3, batch sidecar metadata file processing, support for multi-track audio in AirFlow, and user permissions in Flow Templates.

The new Send to Amazon S3 functionality in EditShare Flow automates migration of content from EditShare shared storage systems to lower cost, offsite cloud storage, making it easier to distribute content to collaborators, clients and others outside the network. Due to direct integration with Amazon storage buckets, the delivery of clips, sequences and completed packages can be automated from on-premise EditShare storage direct to S3 or Glacier services.

Flow now supports batch import of sidecar metadata from many different third-party systems - including other media asset management products. Sidecar files store metadata that is not supported by the format or structure of a source file, or needs to be protected from corruption. During a Flow Scan session, metadata contained in each of the sidecar files is automatically applied to the appropriate clip based on the metadata mappings users have defined themselves, within Flow.

Flow also makes it possible to control playback of individual audio tracks from within the AirFlow web application, letting a particular track or tracks to play solo while muting all others during proxy clip playback. This is especially important for AirFlow users who, for example, review content with multitrack audio in several languages, and need to hear only one language during transcription or review and approval workflows.
[This ability is available only in web browsers that support this particular HTML5 function, including Safari, Edge and the latest Internet Explorer (Windows only).]

Editshare flow

Supporting large workgroups, new user permissions in Flow give administrators granular control over user access to Flow Metadata Templates to help preserve their integrity. Numerous, varied settings allow administrators to grant read and edit permissions across an enterprise as well as on a per-user basis.

The Flow MAM serves as a control and indexing layer across EditShare and third-party storage and archives, and has tools to manage ingest/transcode, log, search, retrieve, edit and distribute content and associated metadata. Flow Automation simplifies the more complex processes such as transcoding and file delivery. Also, because broad codec support makes remote and proxy-based editing workflows more efficient, Flow works with Apple ProRes plus all of the standard Avid MXF formats.

AirFlow, the web-based module that ships as part of the Flow MAM platform, can be used from any location to search, log, edit and play proxies in a web browser. Users can also securely download and upload proxy or high-resolution media from on-premise EditShare storage systems to anywhere in the world using a laptop, tablet or smartphone.  

Existing Flow users with a valid EditShare maintenance agreement can download the update now.  www.editshare.com