Antel operates a remote, collaborative post environment based on EditShare storage and scalable FLOW automation and media management to track content and maintain redundancy.

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Administración Nacional de Telecomunicaciones (Antel), is the government-owned telecoms business in Uruguay. The service operates a remote, collaborative post environment for various users such as broadcast production company REDUCTO, using Antel’s high-speed internet connectivity.

Antel maintans a Tier III data centre that houses an EditShare storage system built on EFS 450 and EFS SSD solid state storage appliances. A Tier III data centre is continuously operational, relying on redundant components to avoid shutting systems down when equipment needs maintenance or replacement. Antel’s total capacity at present is 300 TB. The connection between the Antel data centre and REDUCTO runs across two redundant, geographically diverse 10 gigabit fibres.

This storage is supported by EditShare FLOW automation and media management to track content and maintain secure redundancy, and enable creative users at REDUCTO to track projects. FLOW also allows individual users to work on their preferred editing workstations and content creation tools, without impacting on workflows or storage and archiving.

REDUCTO is a production company that is recognised around the world. In its Montevideo headquarters, across the city from the Antel data centre, it has two production studios and large post facilities. The partnership with Antel gives them scalable, flexible access to editing and colour grading tools, giving it an advantage.

EditShare antel flow

EditShare FLOW automation

“Latin America is a booming region for video production right now, and we can supply the connectivity producers need to work with the facilities at REDUCTO from any part of the continent,” said Gustavo Andrés Arbiza Mattos, Telecommunications Engineer at Antel.

“EditShare and its storage and workflow architectures helped us to create a compelling business case for hosting video services. The ability to support very high bandwidth services like uncompressed digital cinematography and Ultra HD, and good scalability both on premise and in the cloud, means that we can respond in an agile way to the growth of the market.”

Due to the high-speed connectivity from Antel, REDUCTO is now able to serve the broadcast and media market across the whole of Latin America from its central location. Recent updates to the EditShare environment support resolutions up to 8K, meaning it can deliver services for the movie and events industry as well as broadcast.

Editshare FLOW Automation

Producers can gain access to the shared storage to view progress without having to travel to Uruguay. FLOW’s security functionality for protected tenancies allows REDUCTO to host productions for multiple clients simultaneously, and will eventually allow Antel to make the same hosting and connectivity service available to other media clients.

Mateo Musitelli, Project Manager RC&C at REDUCTO said, “The higher-level productions now expect secure and flexible facilities. EditShare has native tools for remote production, fast and intuitive workflows, and the knowledge that we can keep the content entrusted to us secure and always available. It is a basic element in our continuing expansion plans.”