Asian Tour Media invested in EditShare shared storage, looking for integrated asset MAM, full support for 4K Ultra HD, and the ability to manage proxies when bandwidth is limited.

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Asian Tour Media, based in Singapore, handles coverage and content distribution for the Asian Golf Tour, the official regional sanctioning body for professional golf in Asia. Its editorial was working on an existing shared storage network, but its operation was severely limited by its lack of practical production asset management functionality.

Editors searching for material were resorting to operating system searches, which were slow and inconvenient. The company decided to invest in shared storage, determining that as well as good asset management, the system should include comprehensive support for 4K Ultra HD, including the ability to move material as proxies when bandwidth was limited.

The Media Village, a systems integrator in Singapore, set up a thorough demonstration built on EditShare EFS storage nodes and FLOW production asset management. The proof of concept also showed that the EditShare architecture makes adequate bandwidth available for multiple I/O and concurrent users in 4K.

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To ensure continuous high bandwidth performance, EFS is designed to minimize and manage the impact of the resource contention experienced in shared storage applications. System metadata plays a key role in directing storage clients to the assigned location of media assets. EFS Metadata Controllers store metadata in fast memory and prevent delays and latency associated with concurrent asset requests.

Also, the EFS distributed file system applies intelligent load balancing, a scalable, fault-tolerant architecture and connectivity up to 100 GbE. The result is media-engineered shared storage that is manageable, toleratant of hardware faults and able to deliver massive bandwidth to hundreds of concurrent client devices.

In capturing all the coverage of a professional golf tournament, the production generates a huge amount of content. The new EditShare installation allows media managers to place markers on all the action points after ingest, so editors can instantly access the clips they need. The system is used on the road at tournaments, and also in Asian Tour Media’s headquarters to prepare packages in advance to make the live coverage more engaging.

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“We knew that we wanted to replace our aging video servers,” said Peter White, Senior Head of Production at Asian Tour Media. “We wanted good asset management, and excellent bandwidth for multiple users and remote access. The Media Village arranged a demonstration, and the rest can be seen in the new system w have running now.

“At Asian Tour Media, our content and our staff are our assets. With EditShare we have found a better way of managing and monetising our content. We are now using the system to develop new workflows that will help us to become more efficient. Time saved means more time to be creative – and more work/life balance for the staff.”