Learning Production Asset Management Skills with EditShare Flow

Editshare flow3 story

Flow Story

Digistor is holding a Webinar to help video producers of all kinds learn the top 5 new features of EditShare Flow. They will also give live demonstrations of how these tools are contributing to professional workflows around the world.

The combination of presentation and live demos explain Flow’s approach to organising and storing media assets, whether your data storage is on-premise, in the Cloud or has a hybrid architecture.

Flow serves as a production media asset management (PAM) platform for creative control of files during production, from ingest to archive, including 4K and remote editorial workflows. Flow will tag, organise and manage media in order to improve efficiency. Flow Automation automates complex and repetitive workflow tasks including transcoding and QC.

The Flow platform includes server-based modules as well as Mac OS X, Windows and web client applications to create and customise a set of production tools. These include Browse, Logger, Automation, AirFlow, Ingest and Story.

With AirFlow and Flow Story, it is possible to remotely access, edit and package media on a shared storage system, increasing options for creative development outside your facility.

Topics and Demos

Topics discussed and demonstrated include using Flow to index all media assets automatically on any network storage, and make them instantly available to everyone in an organisation, anywhere and on any network.

Editshare flow3 automation

Flow Automation

The presenters will show how to add customised metadata that allows you to search for your assets not just by file name but by an unlimited number of fields, and how to use AI to tag, annotate, transcribe audio and accomplish many other tasks.

Participants will learn how to access all of the logs and edit decisions they have made from anywhere in the world in their preferred video editor applications, and see the value of automating complex workflows so that creative people have more time to create better content.


Wednesday 11 March 2020 11AM AEST
Duration: Approx 45 mins


Who Should Attend
Anyone who makes decisions on video, audio and related media assets – broadcast television, VOD, post-production, media agencies, corporate enterprises, educational facilities, government departments – or any company that uses video to produce, organise or deliver content.

Guest Presenters
This event will be presented by specialists and is an opportunity to learn from experts with international experience.

Paul Hayes - Regional Sales Manager, EditShare
During 30 years of working across the film and TV production industry in Asia Pacific, Paul has designed and supported hundreds of broadcast and post-production systems. He is a regular at world trade events, and has presented papers at conferences on collaborative storage and digital workflow techniques. Due to his passion and experience in real-world processes and digital systems for the film and TV post market, EditShare is making waves in this region.

Bayon Shahidi - Senior Pre-sales Engineer, EditShare
As a Senior Pre-sales Engineer and an excellent demo artist, Bayon has been supporting the sales team's activities across the Asia Pacific region for almost 10 years. His deep experience in installing systems and training future operators makes his knowledge invaluable to the EditShare team globally. www.digistor.com.au