Quantum added new features to its data storage and data movement tools, to help users build hybrid cloud workflows bridging on-premises deployments with multi-cloud integration.

Quantum cold data storage

Quantum has updated and added new features to its data platform, including its policy-driven data movement tools, to help users build hybrid cloud workflows to bridge on-premises deployments with multi-cloud integration.

In organisations that need to manage massive amounts of data retained for business and compliance purposes, teams are relying on both public and private cloud resources to store and manage this data, guided by budgets, the frequency with which they need to access the data, and their data protection requirements. With Quantum’s new features, users can place data exactly where it's needed at the right time. With the flexibility of a hybrid cloud environment, users can increase the agility of their operations, an approach that Quantum says mitigates business risk and optimises costs across on-prem and public cloud resources.

Brian Pawlowski, chief development officer at Quantum said the company’s goal was an end-to-end data platform that addresses the needs of unstructured data across its entire data lifecycle. Instead of forcing a decision between public and private cloud, Quantum has widened the scope to give users more choices and the ability to create flexible, hybrid cloud workflows that meet their specific demands.

Data Movement

Quantum Quantum Myriad GUI

Quantum Myriad GUI

Quantum DXi backup appliances are for with scalable backup, data protection and disaster recovery across sites to support business continuity. The DXi hardware now has new Cloud Share features, which means the appliances can now tier their backup data sets – compressed and deduplicated – to both private and public storage clouds, including Quantum ActiveScale, which manages cold data, making more efficient use of cloud storage. It can also help control business risks and costs by setting up offsite protection against ransomware and long-term retention of backup data for regulatory and in-house data compliance.

FlexSync is Quantum’s replication and synchronisation service that works as a data mover for files to and from Quantum StorNext collaborative shared storage environments. A new version, FlexSync 3, applies data replication to and from public and private clouds as well. It works with ActiveScale and, in a future release, will work with Quantum Myriad, all-flash, hardware-independent file and object storage software that is also cloud-native.

FlexSync 3 is versatile, moving data between Quantum’s storage applications so that users can, in effect, unite their on-premises and public cloud workflows across locations with a shared, centralised object repository. This helps dispersed teams collaborate and improves data protection and disaster recovery.

Cold Replication

Quantum DXi9000 SmallConfig left facing ppt

Quantum DXi backup appliance

If organisations want to continue to collecting, retaining and analysing such huge amounts of data in order to take advantage of AI models, then reducing the total cost of ownership required to preserve this data will become a priority. The ActiveScale object storage platform is now capable of immutable object replication between cold data services – replicating cold data between ActiveScale systems, as well as replicating ActiveScale cold data to AWS S3 Glacier Flexible Retrieval and Glacier Deep Archive Services.

For massive data sets with useful life spans ranging from years to decades, ActiveScale Cold Replication is a durable, cost-effective multi-copy route to long-term retention, allowing users time to analyse and derive insights from the data. ActiveScale Cold Storage was originally developed for individual organisations to achieve cloud storage economics in their own facilities using a simple scale-out, multi-tiered storage architecture and service-oriented approach, similar to a public cloud provider. By adding Cold Replication, ActiveScale becomes one of the few tools supporting replication between cold services.

The new ActiveScale Cold Replication feature and FlexSync 3 are available now. Dxi Cloud Share is planned for release later in 2023. FlexSync 3 for Myriad is due to release in the next year. www.quantum.com