RSP Hosts VFX, Dynamics and Compositing Graduate Certificates

RSP compositing tracking ICVE2

Applications are now open for the February 2017 intake of the following two industry based Graduate Certificates in visual effects, delivered in-house at Rising Sun Pictures’ Adelaide studio.

Graduate Certificate in Compositing and Tracking (ICVE)

This program is an opportunity to gain critical skills required to work in the visual effects industry through training at Rising Sun Pictures, a visual effects studio in Adelaide whose clients include major film studios and independent producers from around the world. Founded in 1995, RSP has created thousands of visual effects for over 100 motion pictures including films from the Harry Potter, X-Men and Hunger Games franchises, Gravity and The Great Gatsby, TV series Game of Thrones and many others.

The Graduate Certificate in Compositing and Tracking is a 12-week intensive program placing students in a simulated studio environment to familiarise them with professional practice and standards in compositing and tracking, and demonstrate the theory, skills and techniques behind producing industry-standard VFX-based film sequences.

RSP compositing tracking ICVE

The program gives students hands-on training in core skills that entry-level visual effects artists need, and practical insights into career strategies and employment prospects locally, nationally and overseas. The studio learning environment exposes students to the use of industry standard software under the supervision of experienced visual effects artists. On completion of the program, graduates will have a clear understanding of what it takes to succeed in this competitive, rewarding industry, as well as a connection to one of Australia’s leading visual effects companies.

Graduate Certificate in Dynamic Effects and Lighting (ICDL)

The Graduate Certificate program is a 12-week intensive program that immerses students in a simulated studio environment, and teaches the necessary theoretical and practical skills to produce complex visual effects for film and screen. Taught entirely at Rising Sun Pictures, students will be equipped with knowledge and skills to gain employment as visual effects specialists in the visual effects industry around the world.

RSP dynamicfx lighting ICDL
Students will learn 3D visual effects techniques including dynamic effects based on particle-based simulations such as explosions, water effects, textural effects and clouds; procedurally generated environments such as cities, beaches and forests; and computer generated lighting applications.

Students will graduate under the banner of the University of South Australia. Apply soon as positions are filling fast.
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