EIZO HDR webinar1a


In this 45-minute live webinar, Post Production Workflow Specialist Stuart Pointon will cover:

HDR Video Format Basics: What is HDR? Aspects of the Human Visual System with HDR, Explaining the Rec2100 standard - Gamut, Gamma / EOTF

Setting up your Post Production Suite: with reference to SMPTE 2080, room environment, basic tech tips, GUI & client monitoring

Streaming Delivery Requirements: Software and hardware settings to meet the requirements of Netflix, Disney and other streaming content providers.


Date - Wednesday, 20th April
Time - 5 pm (SGT) / 7 pm (AEST) - 45 minute session followed by 15+ minutes Q&A

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ABOUT THE SPEAKER - Stuart Pointon

An educator with over 40 years experience in on-set & post production, Stuart prides himself as an early adopter of video technology and formats, from film to digital, from SD to HD, and now to 4K HDR. At time of conception, Stuart authored a technical paper on UHD TV and HDR / WCG - which was used as an Australian contribution to the BT.2100 working group. www.eizo-apac.com