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Zero Density has launched a new online learning platform for creators of real-time broadcast graphics and virtual sets called Zero Density Academy. Featuring more than 50 in-depth video lessons, Zero Density Academy enables broadcasters to learn skills and earn a globally recognized certification — all free of charge.
“When we released our Reality software, we were among the first to make high-end compositing happen in real time, live on broadcast,” said Faraz Qayyum, head of the academy at Zero Density. “We’ve since worked with clients like Fox Sports, The Weather Channel and Warner Media to enhance their virtual studio production workflows with the Reality ecosystem, which enables them to deliver photorealistic, immersive experiences to their global audience. We then made Reality Engine freely available on our website, where it’s been downloaded tens of thousands of times. Now, we are taking the next step: sharing all we know about creating immersive broadcast graphics by launching Zero Density Academy.”

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Developed using feedback from industry and educational partners, Zero Density Academy is based on structured, self-paced micro-learning content. Anyone can log in and search for a video lesson on anything including real-time graphics operations, production controls, creative workflows, green screen, AR compositing and more. They can also follow pre-defined Reality courses that cover skills for key career tracks, including
• Operator
• Generalist
• Content Specialist
• Technician
• Virtual Production Specialist
• Broadcast Designer
"Some of these career tracks are only just starting to be established — but through our work with the world’s biggest broadcasters and virtual studio experts, we’ve seen a growing demand for these skills first-hand,” Faraz said. “Today, virtual production is changing film sets and virtual studios are revolutionizing live television. Real-time graphics are the future, and we’re helping the industry’s talent prepare for it.”
In order to represent real-life scenarios, each course on Zero Density Academy has been created using Zero Density’s own state-of-the-art, in-house R&D studio. Whether it’s fine-tuning Reality Keyer or building control templates, each lesson has a real-world application that can be put into use right away.

Once learners pass all the courses on the certification path, they will receive a final assignment that will be submitted to Zero Density’s product experts. Through individual feedback, learners will have the support they need to improve on their work. Once they pass the assignment, they will receive the Zero Density certification and be listed on the website as certified professionals.
Zero Density Academy is available now at