Join this webinar, hosted by Adimex, to learn how the NDI AV delivery standard is changing video and audio transmission, using standard networks and affordable devices and software.

Adimex ndi webinar

WEBINAR: NDI in the Real World – Unlocking the Promise of Video over Networks

The NDI AV delivery standard is massively changing how video and audio are transmitted by using standard networks and interoperable, affordable devices and software to deliver media anywhere. It is a true cross-manufacturer standard for video over networks.

Digital video content creation sources have expanded rapidly and, at the same time, audiences have become more diverse and more geographically dispersed. They consume content on monitors, TVs, mobiles, computers, and iPads – both live and on-demand. NDI is an opportunity to unify content sources and simplify delivery to devices anywhere.

This webinar will help you understand what NDI is, how it works and where it is headed, while showing real-world examples and case studies for applications in broadcast, live production, events, corporate/government AV, education and others.

Presented by JM Lim, APAC Business Development Manager at Kiloview, the webinar will give an overview of Kiloview NDI products and systems, and how they integrate into real-world projects. Kiloview is a manufacturer of IP-based video transmission hardware and software.

Where and When

Date: 22 February 2024
Time: 1 - 2pm AEDT (Can, Melb, Syd time)


Adimex ndi webinar2


• What is NDI, and how does it work?
• Why was it created?
• What are the different flavours, and what are they used for?
• What can it do, and why is it different to other AV over networks technologies?
• What is used for today – ideal applications?
• What products are available for NDI applications?
• Where is NDI going in the future?
• Case studies of NDI at work

Who Should Attend

Anyone who needs to produce and distribute video should take this opportunity to learn from the experts how NDI can suit many, varied requirements for applications such as -

• live events
• broadcast
• education
• church services
• corporate or government audiovisual applications
• medical and security applications
• social media

Join the presenters at the end of the webinar for a live Q&A. If you are unable to attend, registration is essential to receive the webinar recording link.

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JM Lim, APAC Business Development Manager, Kiloview
JM is a technology expert with over six years of experience in the video over IP industry. He has worked with NDI in key positions with NewTek, Bird Dog and Blonde Robot before joining Kiloview. He has a clear understanding of NDI applications and applications in APAC, with a talent for breaking through the jargon to deliver concise information.

Hosted by Adimex, the Australia/NZ distributor for Kiloview, makers of the leading IP-based video transmission solutions. For more information, contact