ftrack Studio review session

A review session in ftrack

Production tracking platform, ftrack Studio, has earned a Technical Achievement Award from the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences for contributions to filmmaking and post-production.

The Academy’s Board of Governors voted to award a Technical Achievement Award to ftrack’s Founder and CEO Fredrik Limsäter, Co-founder and Technical Product Manager Björn Rydahl and Co-founder and Product Manager Mattias Lagergren, for the design, architecture and engineering of ftrack Studio.

ftrack FredrikLimsäter

Founder and CEO Fredrik Limsäter

Fredrik, Björn and Mattias were responsible for first conceiving ftrack Studio as a platform capable of organising, managing and tracking complex feature film visual effects. Since 2009, they have grown the ftrack team into a global company and evolved ftrack Studio into a widely recognised production tracking tool, accessible to film projects of all types and sizes. It assists team collaboration and improves pipeline efficiency.

Its first incarnation was developed while the developers worked at a visual effects and animation studio, with the explicit intention of mitigating the challenges of feature film post-production. ftrack Studio has since evolved into a platform capable of serving numerous creative industries and making creative projects of all types and scale more manageable, whatever their requirements. ftrack Studio has been used on such productions as films in the James Bond, Harry Potter and The Marvel Cinematic Universe franchises.

ftrack MattiasLagergren

Co-founder and Product Manager Mattias Lagergren

CEO Fredrik Limsäter said, "This is a proud moment for all of us at ftrack. We're humbled that the platform we've worked on for the past decade has won such a prestigious award, especially as the award comes with the recognition of our peers in an industry we are proud to serve. Björn Rydahl, Mattias Lagergren and I would like to thank the entire ftrack team for their endlessly hard work, all of our families who have supported us over the years and our clients who have joined us on this journey.

“We look forward to playing our part as creative studios continue to create in a post-production landscape that needs teamwork now more than ever." The Academy will present ftrack Studio’s Technical Achievement Award during its virtual Scientific and Technical Awards presentation, starting at 1pm PT on 13 February 2021 on the Oscars website.

ftrack BjörnRydahl

Co-founder and Technical Product Manager Björn Rydahl