Adobe openUSD

Adobe is working with Pixar, Apple, Autodesk, NVIDIA and the Joint Development Foundation (JDF) to create the Alliance for OpenUSD (AOUSD). AOUSD’s overarching goal is to enhance collaboration and facilitate standardisation across the 3D ecosystem through the capabilities of Open Universal Scene Description (OpenUSD).

Universal Scene Description (USD) is a pioneering open-source software that can interchange 3D scenes at scale that are composed of a variety of assets, sources and animations. The framework was designed to strengthen the interoperability of data and 3D tools, allowing developers to expand the scope of 3D-enabled products and services. Open standards for 3D content multiply the value added by each package and device that complies with those standards.

The advantages of OpenUSD include supports for an extendable system with APIs for editing, creating, rendering, simulating and collaborating in 3D environments. It also helps ensure non-destructive workflows, with open-source software that is file system agnostic. OpenUSD will also reinforce custom renderers in a generalised pipeline.

OpenUSD is an approach to high-performance 3D scene description that is driving interoperability. Adobe has been supporting industry standards across its large family of creative applications for decades. With OpenUSD, the company says it is looking forward to taking fuller advantage of this new standard for 3D scenes and support interoperability between Creative Cloud applications and other 3rd party tools.