GenArts Sapphire 9 has now been released with new and updated effectsGenarts-sapphire 9-5
and transitions including light effects, cuts and zooms, repairs, and updates
to the Builder looks creation tool.

GenArts Sapphire 9 Adds New Lights, Looks & Customisation

GenArts Sapphire 9has now been released with new and updated effects and transitions including light effects, cuts and zooms, repairs, and updates to the Builder looks creation tool.

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Among the new and updated effects areBokehLightsthat generates complex patterns of defocused lights that animate and scale over time, andAurora, producing swirling patterns similar to the Aurora Borealis with scope for creating several different modern, subtle or abstract looks.NightSkyhas an astronomically accurate star field renderer for which the user specifies date time, and location to result in correct nighttime skies.
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gives a hypnotic spiral effect similar to infinite regression. A new transition isCutToDissolvereplacing a straight cut with an invisible dissolve by generating missing frames using an optical flow technique.RepairFramesautomatically fixes damage like bad pixels, dropouts and random noise in a frame.
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Other improvements have been made toBuilder, the tool in Sapphire used to create your own looks by mixing and matching the effects and transitions. It contains a blank S_Effect and S_Transition that have controls for loading, saving and editing various Sapphire looks into them, and make the parameters visible. Builder includes anode-based editorand browsing functionality for searching efficiently through all presets.
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Sapphire 9 makes Builder more comprehensive, with new compositing tools supporting the creation of complex effects, more ways to blend images, work with alphas and offset elements over time. Animation graphs for basic keyframing have been added to all parameters in S_Effect, and in S_Transition, you can now combine transitions as well.

Clickhereto watch a video of Sapphire 9’s new functions and effects.

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Sapphire 9 is compatible with major compositing and editing software such asAdobe CC 2015, theAutodesk Flamefamily,Avid, Blackmagic Design FusionandDaVinci Resolve, NUKE, Quantel Pablo Rio, FilmLight BaseLight, SGO MistikaandMamba, Toon Boom Harmony 12and other OpenFX applications. Active Upgrade and Support customers and current subscribers can upgrade to version 9 free of