MPC VR Gets into Gear for 'Go Baby Go'

MPC VR, the Virtual Reality division of visual effects studio MPC, has created its first content for MPC VR Originals. Titled 'Go Baby Go’, the VR Experience, this teaser reveals a glimpse of the full real-time immersive experience in development. The project is staged in an alien galaxy, some time in the near future and features an intergalactic rocket ship/1971 Dodge Challenger hybrid. On this ride, alongside an edgy-looking character, you will discover new dimensions and seek the ultimate revenge.

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The production comes from the minds of MPC VR director Rob Petrie and Executive Producer Tim Dillon, who are developing the project from the ground up with a team of MPC’s artists. The real-time interactive release will be in production for launch later in the year and incorporate several new visual techniques being developed specifically for this VR project.

Go Baby Go’s immersive soundtrack from Dražen Bošnjak and his Q Department sound studio is a 1980s-style electro pop sound, complete with digital reverb effects, supplied with a specific sound design and mix from Dražen’s VR sound company, Mach1.  Drazen has already produced the sound for more than ten VR experiences, including ‘The Martian VR’, as well as several games and has devoted much effort to the development of interactive, multidirectional sound. 

To read about two other complete VR experiences that Rob, Tim and MPC VR have created, see this article about Goosebumps and Faraday Future. Most recently, MPC VR has created projects specifically employing certain equipment including the Facebook Surround 360 camera, Google Tilt Brush and the Gear



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