Redshift 2.0 Render Engine Adds 3ds Max and OpenVDB Support

Redshift 2 0 robert rugan
Image: Robert Rugan

The Redshift GPU render engine is now updated to version 2.0, with changes to its software integrations, lights, surfaces, volumetrics and materials. Redshift is a biased renderer that integrates directly with standard content creation packages.

Biased renderers can work faster by taking relatively few samples compared to unbiased renderers. Instead, Redshift uses approximation and interpolation, still achieving noise-free results. It also supports several biased global illumination techniques including brute force GI, photon mapping with caustics, irradiance cache and irradiance point cloud.

Redshift 2 0 The Besnard Lakes
Image: The Besnard Lakes

The new version updates the pipeline functionality of its existing Maya and Softimage plug-ins, and adds integration with Autodesk 3ds Max. Integrations with SideFX Houdini and MAXON Cinema 4D are currently in development and are expected later in 2016. On all platforms, the software now produces better volumetrics and subsurface scattering, and has a new physically-based rendering Redshift material.

Redshift 2.0 specifically addresses several effects. Volumetrics now include initial support for OpenVDB volume containers, which help to render clouds, smoke, fire and other volumetric effects more realistically. Nested dielectrics accurately simulate the intersection of transparent materials without visual artifacts. Multiple dome lights can be combined to create more compelling lighting.  

Redshift 2 0 Flower
Image: Jean-Michel Bihorel

Metallic and reflective surfaces are improved with a new linear glossiness response and surface shading systems - GGX and Beckmann/CookTorrance BRDFs. New subsurface scattering models and single-scattering have been added. Also, Redshift now has a new physically-based rendering main material, showing such effects as dispersion and chromatic aberration.

Users can access full support for the Arnold shader alSurface without having to port settings, and save considerable amounts of rendering time by baking lighting and arbitrary output variables, AOVs.

Special Offer for Version 2.0
Redshift 2.0 is available now. The company is offering 20% off new Redshift licenses for two weeks from 5 July 2016.

Redshift 2 0 working
Image: Timothy Steer