More than 50 4K scanned tiled textures called Imperfections are now available to Cinema 4D users, enhancing the photorealism of renders by adding minor surface flaws to 3D objects.

Maxon cinema4d imperfections engine

More than 50 4K premium tiled textures have now been added to Maxon’s collection of Capsules. Called Imperfections, they are designed to increase the photorealism of renders by adding minor flaws to the surfaces of 3D objects.

Similar to procedural plugins, Capsule Assets are constructed in Cinema 4D's Scene Nodes core. The Scene Manager uses node-based assets to construct procedural geometry or entire scenes in a hierarchy-based view where users can manage relationships and dependencies between objects, construct and modify geometry, and build reusable assets. Capsules can also be used directly in Cinema 4D's Classic Object Manager as primitives, generators or geometry modifiers.

Maxon cinema4d imperfections fruit

The new textures are greyscale maps featuring a mix of scratches, dust specs, smudges, fingerprints, hairs, residue and isolated fingerprints, all scanned from real surfaces and precisely tiled.  The Surface Imperfections Volume 1 texture library was created by David Gruwier and has been licensed by Maxon for immediate royalty-free use by all Cinema 4D and Maxon One subscribers.

For many years artists have prepared and used grunge maps to subtly layer in surface imperfections like dust, scratches, fingerprints and smudges to improve the realism and distinctiveness of their renders. Building textures like this requires specialised tools and techniques, and the time and patience to make them invisibly tileable. Maxon is now making their commercial library available free to all Cinema 4D users without the complication of project-by-project licensing.

 Maxon cinema4d imperfections spheroid

In the collection are Glossiness or Anisotropy Maps, which add realistic surface imperfections to reflective surfaces like glass, metal and plastic. In particular, anistropic surfaces look different to the viewer depending on the angle at which they are viewed, such as wood, slate and crystalline surfaces. For other reflective surfaces, Extra Detail applies flaws to windows, monitors and mirrors.

Bump Maps for realistic micro-scratches create subtle impurities in materials like plastic, paint and so on, and Texture Painting stamps and brushes the source material. Masks are included for layered materials and procedural shaders. To emulate dirty lenses or camera housing, users can apply overlays on lens flares and glare in compositing, and all of the Imperfections can be mixed with plain colours in materials to break them up and add variation.

Maxon cinema4d imperfections gloss

The Surface Imperfections collection of textures is available now and is located in the Cinema 4D Asset Browser in the Textures/Imperfections category or by searching for ‘si-v1’.