Red Giant has a new motion graphics tool serving as a template engine and editing UI for After Effects, supplied with Capsules that access effects from over 130 Red Giant plugins.

Maxon studio bokeh overlay

Bokeh Overlay

Maxon Studio is a new tool from Maxon serving as a template engine and interface for After Effects. Maxon Studio comes with a collection of new Capsules, a type of graphics template that access the capabilities and effects contained in over 130 Red Giant plugins.

Maxon Studio's Capsules differ from conventional prefabricated templates in that they lend themselves to customisation. They are created in collaboration with the visual artist collective CandyMustache, run on Red Giant tools and can be browsed, selected and fine-tuned with the built-in editing interface.

They have been developed to fill the everyday requirements of video and graphics artists such as backgrounds, motion graphics, effects and other common elements. As the founder of CanyMoustache Apostolos Roussas said, “Our goal with these Capsules is to establish a valuable resource for artists of all skill levels to create high-quality work without having to know After Effects well or spend a lot of time if they don’t want to.”

Maxon studio lower thirds

The initial release contains about 250 Capsules in five categories – Backgrounds, Effects, Motion Graphics, Text and Transitions – and more will be added regularly over time toward a total of 500. The interface has a ‘Discover’ tab displaying a Capsule thumbnail gallery users can browse, filter and quickly search, addressing the recurring challenge of a blank page when a transition, title or other feature is needed.

Animated Capsule previews show exactly how each effect or graphic will look. From there, the user can add that Capsule in one click to the After Effects composition being worked on. The Capsules themselves are also responsive, so that whether a project's resolution is 720p, 1080p or 8K, Capsules will adjust the layout while maintaining the overall design.

Maxon studio glitch trans

Glitch Transition

Because they are built from dozens of Adobe and Red Giant tools and plug-ins, the Capsules amount to hundreds or even thousands of parameters and settings. However, since users usually only need a few controls for the most common adjustments such as keyframing. Studio also has an Edit panel to use instead of repeatedly searching through timeline layers to find parameters.

Studio's UI can run in its own window on a separate screen or be docked into After Effects to make a compact workspace.

Maxon studio shape element

Shape Element