Vizrt Viz Now automates the deployment of live production software in the cloud, reducing the IT time, expertise and effort required for cloud-based live production environments.

Viz Vectar Plus 1 2 GUI

Vizrt Viz Now automates the deployment of live production software in the cloud. Non-technical production staff can use Viz Now to pre-configure the required tools – switching, graphics, studio automation, replay/slow-motion, audio mixing, sports analysis, intercom and so on – in a cloud environment, relatively easily. Viz Now’s templated approach and user interface means users can largely avoid the IT time and effort associated with deploying tools correctly and securely in the cloud, and need less expertise.
Through the UI, users select the Vizrt and third-party broadcast software they will need for a production, then automatically deploy it into their own Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud account. The package integrates the NDI protocol as well, connecting the cloud-based tools with the talent, operators and cameras that are are working on-site, either in a studio or on-location
Once deployed, Viz Now includes a straightforward portal for operators to securely access the deployed applications from anywhere. Automating the deployment process saves IT engineering time and errors, and makes sure that security best practices are followed. New production capacity can be created and deleted as needed, reducing IT costs and wasted resources.  

Viz Now Visual Asset

Equally significant is that the production system will be new every time, using updated software and hardware accessed in the AWS cloud. Maintenance costs, and the monetary and environmental cost of leaving traditional production environments running 24/7, are also the responsibility of AWS. From Vizrt’s point of view, saving time and money through automation is only one side of Viz Now. By giving people access to complete live productions in the cloud, producers have more flexibility and more options in how they work.

SaaS Model

Viz Now is software-as-a-service (SaaS) hosted and maintained by Vizrt, which then automatically deploys the live production tools you select into your own AWS account. In other words – Vizrt manages Viz Now, and the customer operates and manages the deployed products.

So far, at launch, Viz Now supports the tools from the Vizrt Live Production Solution, plus selected 3rd party products. These are Viz Vectar Plus for 4K switching, Viz Trio and Viz Engine for broadcast graphics, Viz Mosart for studio automation, Telos Infinity VIP for intercom, Harrison Mixbus VBM for audio mixing, 3Play 3P2 for replay and slow-motion, and Viz Libero for sports analysis.

Viz libero

Further Vizrt and 3rd party products will be supported in future releases, as will other cloud providers. As an IP-based replay system that uses software-driven video tools and networking, the 3Play system functionality is virtualised with the other products.

Viz Now is free to use for Vizrt customers with a Flexible Access subscription.