AJA Corvid 44 12G BNC Nvidia Clara

AJA’s Software Development Kit (SDK) now supports the NVIDIA Jetson platform for edge AI, and the NVIDIA Clara AGX developer kit, which was developed first to supply real-time artificial intelligence (AI) and imaging for medical devices.

With the AJA SDK’s support for both the Jetson edge AI platform and Clara AGX kit, OEM developers can use AJA KONA and Corvid PCIe I/O cards to develop robust, real-time AI and video imaging and streaming systems and devices that support 8K and 4K video capture and playback for a varied applications – not only in healthcare but also for broadcast, virtual production and others.

“AI developments are accelerating innovation across business verticals from medicine to media and entertainment and beyond, and is an area that AJA is exploring,” said Bill Bowen, CTO at AJA. “By working with NVIDIA to integrate the Jetson edge AI platform and Clara AGX developer kit with the AJA SDK, our latest collaboration gives OEM developers a solid foundation to more quickly and easily bring AI imaging and streaming solutions to market that support ultra high resolution video.”

AJA Corvid 44 12G BNC Nvidia Clara front

As an AI computing platform for GPU-accelerated parallel processing in embedded devices, developers can use Jetson to design autonomous systems. Built on NVIDIA Jetson AGX Xavier, Clara AGX gives developers an AI computer and software development framework for building AI medical devices that feature image, video and signal processing – from endoscopes to advanced surgical displays.

For other markets, AJA SDK support for Jetson and Clara AGX means OEM developers using either one can build AJA KONA 5, KONA HDMI and Corvid 44 12G into products that need reliable, high quality UltraHD and HD I/O. The integration also adds compatibility for NVIDIA GPUDirect RDMA to AJA KONA 5, KONA HDMI and Corvid 44 12G.

Incorporated into the Clara AGX developer platform via an integrated NVIDIA Quadro RTX GPUDirect RDMA GPU, this development results in a direct path for data exchange between the GPU and AJA I/O solutions to ensure low latency and high throughput. AJA anticipates launching Clara AGX and Jetson support for more of the company’s I/O hardware in the future.  www.aja.com