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Through a strategic partnership between LiveU and Avid, broadcasters and content providers now can ingest IP streams for television news and remote live TV production in Avid’s MediaCentral platform. This collaboration with LiveU aims to simplify on-premises and cloud-based workflows and create an open environment for video production.

MediaCentral is an open media workflow platform that works with a system of strategic partners. It directly integrates LiveU’s cloud-based hardware, Haivision and other SRT-enabled cameras or devices, encoders and mobile apps. Broadcasters and content providers using MediaCentral | Stream, Avid’s IP stream ingest software for TV news and remote live TV production, can now ingest live content straight from LiveU streaming equipment into workflows and Avid production environments.

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This interoperability, combined with MediaCentral | Stream, is an economical, fast way to send streams generated by LiveU field units using the LRT (LiveU Reliable Transport) protocol, securely over the internet, ultimately promoting faster delivery of live content and news stories to audiences across linear and digital platforms.

The LRT low-delay protocol was developed for live video streaming over non-guaranteed IP networks, establishing reliable transport over unreliable networks, including cellular networks. Media companies can accept incoming LRT feeds from a LiveU field unit, LiveU Matrix IP distribution platform or existing portable field units from LiveU with the cloud integration module.

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“Our partnership with Avid shortens the workflow for our joint customers with a pre-integrated process,” said Avi Cohen, COO and Co-founder at LiveU. “The integration of our products with Avid MediaCentral can improve the transmission and ingest of live video by supplying consistent bandwidth and reliability for broadcast quality acquisition, management and distribution of remote live broadcasts from any location.”

Avid says they will continue to expand the group of 3rd party products and systems that broadcasters can use to transmit and ingest live feeds from remote locations into MediaCentral-based production environments, a task that has typically been difficult and expensive.  www.avid.com