Evertz io stream

evertz.io – Stream is a new streaming and playout SaaS service delivered entirely from the public cloud using the evertz.io cloud broadcast platform. Evertz designed the service to handle both Over-The-Top (OTT) and Direct-To-Consumer (DTC) streaming applications. At the same time, it is built with features and functions required for more traditional linear broadcast channels as well.

evertz.io and evertz.io - Stream were designed from the start using hyper-scalable, serverless microservices to simplify and ease cloud-based linear stream creation and distribution. The intention is also to support new content monetisation strategies. Using a straightforward user interface, complete new channels and streams can be configured and deployed in a few minutes, giving the user greater agility and flexibility.

Playback and Live Events

By including support for both file-based playback and live events, evertz.io - Stream can deliver new applications for media companies located anywhere including ‘Pop-Up’ channels, pay-per-view events, limited-duration sporting events and disaster recovery, among others.

Evertz io stream3

As it is supplied on a software-as-a-service (SaaS) model, evertz.io - Stream promotes OPEX-based cost structures within the M&E market space, which is traditionally CAPEX focused. Therefore, costs can be scaled directly with business growth.

evertz.io – Stream includes support for video, audio, captions and graphics insertion. Users also have numerous different video streaming input and output options, including the ability to stream in 4K UHD with HDR and support for major video transport standards such as RIST, SRT and ZIXI.


Among its monitoring features, evertz.io - Stream includes patented machine monitoring by assertion (MMBA), in which you can use your own model assertions to put constraints over the inputs and outputs of ML models. Perceptual hash-based techniques are used that imitate human perception by focusing just on colours, frequencies and other features that human sight and hearing can detect.

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These result in very accurate but robust detection of stream impairments including potential content mismatches, and allow the application of auto-healing algorithms for stream management.

"As content consumption and viewing habits continue to change, the media and entertainment market’s appetite for monetising content in new, innovative ways continues to grow, including the use of digital distribution platforms like YouTube TV, among many others,” said Dan Turow, Vice President of File Based Solutions at Evertz.

“The agility, flexibility and scalability of a cloud native SaaS platform like evertz.io and a service like evertz.io – Stream are advantages when monetising content, by limiting time to market and avoiding some of the traditional need to retrain staff.”

evertz.io Stream is one of the range of services available within the evertz.io SaaS platform.  www.evertz.com