ATEME Open Caching API Interop

ATEME has announced its ongoing participation in the Streaming Video Alliance’s Open Caching API Testbed Initiative. As part of the initiative, designed to demonstrate API functionality in an interoperable system between content owners, CDNs, and network operators, ATEME helps to continuously enrich the testbed. This involves testing a different subset of features at every iteration and conducting specification validation and interoperability tests.

Open caching minimises the number of times video titles are delivered from content provider sites, which substantially reduces the volume of data crossing the network’s transit links. Popular, frequently viewed videos are identified, stored and delivered to subscribers from within the network. Open caching uses a network of interconnected caches that communicate and can be connected to each other via APIs, so that it is possible to manage open caching-compliant caches from a single point of management.

The testbed is an important step in the development of an Open Caching network, which will ensure that the same cache can be used by any compliant system. This will give advantages to entities across the comprehensive delivery chain and enhance the experience for the end user.

ATEME is further contributing to the testbed by developing an updated version of its NEA CDN system to make sure it meets the specifications required to feature within Open Caching networks. It then validates its interoperability against the cases and features specified by the testbed.

Jason Thibeault, Executive Director at the Streaming Video Alliance, said, “The Open Caching interoperability testbed represents some of the work our members are committed to at the Alliance. I applaud ATEME for its dedication to helping to bring this full circle, from initial concept to a real-world implementation, with potential to have a lasting impact on the streaming industry.”

Christophe Burdinat, Director, Technology and Standards, ATEME, commented, “Open Caching has the potential to change the OTT industry dramatically and we are very pleased to have completed the Streaming Video Alliance’s interoperability testbed to help bring this to fruition. We are committed to contributing to the testbed over the coming months, both by offering our expertise and also our technology which will help to provide a solid foundation for much-needed interoperability throughout the delivery chain.”